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In this Feature section I will tell you the Goals and Features of the Battlefield 2 Single Player Total War Realism Mod, its Intent, and Details. Read Below for Information.

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Thank you for Your Interest In Battlefield 2 Single player Total War Realism Mod. This Mod's Intent is to Bring a "Total-War" Realism Aspect to Single player Battlefield 2. Making Battlefield 2 Single player the Most Richest, Fullest, Realistic, And Funnest Experience it can Possibly Be.

The Mod Has a Battlefield 2 Single Player Bot Changer, That is Powered By Detecting Mods. It will Detect the BF2 Total War Realism Mod and you Will be Able to Change the AI Aspects to the Setting you Desire. Bot Skills are Changeable on a Scale of 0.1 (Easiest) to 1.0 (Hardest) The Bots numbers Can be Changed all the Way Up to 255 Bots for Maximum Single player Mayhem. This will Be very Demanding on PC Specs though I Must Say, so You may want to just do around 128, which is Still Plenty!

All of the Default Battlefield 2 Maps have Been Maximized to thier Maximum Player Size with Full AI (Bot) Support. Bots will now Attack Appropriate Spawn points and Listen to Orders. Bots will Spawn at All Locations on Map, and All Vehicles and Features will be Accessable in 64 Player Size Map Mayhem.

Added Support for All Local Game-Modes. Co-Op, Conquest, SP and Singleplayer Skirmishes. You Can Enjoy all of these Gamemodes when Playing TWR, For Much more Fun.

Bots AI And Smarts have been Re-vamped to Be More Precise and Human Like than Original Battlefield 2 Bot AI Strategies, the AI Help of this Mod Goes to a Professional AI Programmer, Jonas Hendrickx. He has Made the Bots more Smart than Before, (But the Bots will Never be 100% Human Like). But they are as Human Like as they Can get. The Bots Strengths and Weaknesses has been Changed as Well, For Example a Rocket Soldier (AT) Bot will Shoot At All Vehicles Appropriately, Heavy and Light Armor Being first, Helicopters and Car Vehicles 2nd. Infantry Being Last. a Support Heavy Gunner, Will aim for Infantry First, Light Vehicles second, and at No tanks or light armor, Being that they are Uneffective. The Bots reaction times and accuracy has been Changed to Mimic Real Life Accuracy and Skill. So It would be Wise not To Change the Bots skill too High, as it will be come very difficult indeed! ;).

All Sounds from Default Battlefield 2 has Been Enhanced and Resounded to be Very Realistic and Powerful Sounding. Deep Bass in Explosions, as Well as Very Crisp Deep Weapon Bass than Before, Default Battlefield 2 was more of a "Click Click" where with the mod it will be a "Boom Boom". Sounds Were Recorded from Various Military Simulators, Such as America's Army and ArmA 2.

Effects Has Been Totally Enhanced than Vanilla Battlefield 2 Explosions, There is Now Full Blood and Detailed Explosions with Shock Effects and totally Enhanced Explosions. The Shock Effects will Take Place apon The Destruction of Armor or A Vehicle of Any Type, And Cause Damage to the Surrounding Victims. There is Full Blood Feature where when you shoot a Soldier he Will Puff out Blood from the Shot Wound, And Will be Weakened and Bleed if the Shot was Critical, until he Bleeds to Death, If not Attended by Medical Attention. Other Missle Explosions have been Almost Doubled in Depth and Detail than Before. Making it a Much Richer Battlefield Environment.

All Stationary and Other Weapon types have Been Changed to Be Accurately Realistic in Ammo Amount, And Reload times, there is No more infinite ammo on Stationary Weapons, And They Will Reload with the Appropriate amount of time. There are only 2 Ammo Kits and 2 Medic Kits per Soldier, so you will have to use ammunitions and Supplies Intelligently, as Before this was in Unlimited Supply.

All Skins have Been Recolored and Re-textured to Create a Cool-Experience In the Battlefield. Cool Rich Textures now Cover All Armor, Vehicles and Weapons. These are High Quality Skins Done By Me, the Coder and Texture Artist. My Intent was to make the Battlefield a More Cool Place, than the Original Plain Marpat Skins Battlefield 2 Provided.

The Weapon Kits on all Soldiers Load-out and Weapons Have Been Tweaked and Edited to Simulate Real Life Weapon Load-outs, Some Classes will Have a Secondary Weapon, Unlike Before just one Weapon and a Pistol. All Factions have their Real Life Weapons and In Some Cases, Even a Secondary.

All Damages and Projectile Accuracy effects have Been Tweaked to Be accurate, it will now take 2-3 Shots to Take down a Soldier with a Basic Rifle, as well as with a Pistol, when Placed right , 1-2 Shots.
Grenades and Rocket Projectiles are Now Very Deadly, and There has even been added Rag-doll Effects, Such as a Tank Shell Blast right at the Feet of an Enemy Soldier will Cause him To Fly up in the Air Dead, From the Blast itself, the Physics has Been tweaked in this way. Accuracy on all Weapons and Rockets Have been Tweaked to Simulate Real Weaponry.

These are Some of the Things to Expect in Battlefield 2 Single player Total War Realism Mod. I Hope it Makes your Single Player Game a Much Funner and Better Environment than Before, Feel Free to Download From the News Section as I wish you the Best! Thanks ~sw33t

sw33tsp0t Author

Might I also add, there is also 4 different types of game-modes included with the mod, these were Custom Made by Me, there is Battlefield Easy Settings, This setting has no Friendly Fire or Spawn wait Times, You Spawn instantly with no "Hardcore" realism Effects, There is also Battlefield 2 Default Settings, these are the Settings included with Vanilla BF2. Then there is Total War Realism Mod Default Settings. These are the Standard Settings to Play TWRM With, With Appropriate Spawn Times and Friendly Fire Etc. Also, There is a Hardcore Gametype which I Have Added, Which Isnt Fully done yet, but is 90% Complete, This Game mode Type is "Hardcore" It is Search-and-Destroy Type Gamemode with No Respawning, First team to Eliminate Enemy team and Capture the Entire Map Wins the Round.

I Hope you Enjoy, and Happy Fragging! ~sw33tsp0t

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