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Into the new features for my popular Battlefield 2 addons, the Indication, Nametag, and Menushader.

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I have never imagined I would dive back to Battlefield 2 modding in year 2020.

This 30hz-locked, primitively-shaded, walking-botted, poorly-sounded game is almost15 years old.

But I really do not want it look like one....

Years has been spent to prototype and overhaul the scoring Indication and animation, the menu and font style, the info given by nametags ,where few modder has previously paid attention to.

And now they are all ready for MP/Coop play.

Battlefield 2 still has a lots of fun to show with modding, contrastig to the ever-decling franchise(thx to EA and DICE).

I dedicated best times of my life to see it happen. And all my addons are free to use.



What the????
This is Battlefield 2 from 2005?

I don´t know what to say other then this is impressive.
Since the information on that mod is so vague, if i download the "Dynamic Indication 5.0" + the "5.3" Update, will i get the same experience is see in your videos?
It´s just, there is so much new stuff in that video that i first thought this was a Mod for Battlefield 4! New Graphics, XP popping up after kills, new Sounds....

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was thinking the same; if BR2 really could look this good then PR has no excuse for looking like dogshite haha

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Right? PR is so like jank as **** visually right hahah

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Leeberty Author

Just have all the newest version of my addons installed would make your mod look like the one in video.
But you might have to google translate the installation document...

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This is a great opportunity to create a dedicated server for it, I would not be able to do this with BF3 or BF4, but still, I can download DS for BF2 :P

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