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The world of Mandana is based on close combat weapons and magic. swords, axes, daggers, spears, to wooden sticks and all that you can carry to swing with. Or do you trust magic more?

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the world of Mandana is based on realtime fighting without breaks. there is only one exeption and that is magic. But we thought that would be to dull, and thats why we created a charge level system.

the charge level system is familiar with Secret of evermore, when the gauge is 100% you will cause the ultimate damage of your weapon, if you refuse to wait untill its charged to 100% you will cause much lower damage and you might end up with 1 damage. Great for boss battles isnt it?

But patience isnt everything, every single weapon and magic spell can be leveled. Each time a weapon or magic spell is leveled you can charge the gauge to a new level and you will cause almost twice as much damage.

So it will take time and patience. but you will need it eventualy.

Magic.... uses a different style, on the moment you pick your magic spell, the game is pauzed for a moment. but in the option you can select Full real time, to unable the pauze breaks between picking a magic spell.

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