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Here we will add everything that will be in the game as features...soo we will keep this update as much as possible :D Current work is here :P

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Hello everyone I am going to present you a new game
that will come and hopefully accomplish our goals in this year.

As you all know and may see from the title the game I
am talking about is beyblade an ancient japanesse toys becoming more powerul
and famous...soo you will see them in 3d world as known as reality world.

Soo before I start describing the whole project I will
say that we chose beyblade cuz it was a toy that we all had when we were little
and it has some great anime shows...which you can watch online and you will
notice that our models will look exactly the same as the anime and that is offcourse
our goal too,and we will accomplish
it.Also you may notice that beyblade world isnt that hard to build in 3ds
max/maya/blender or any other modeling software.

Our team currently has 18 members and from all those
lot of them is unactive soo few of us is working really hard and fast to
show you the results.Sometimes you may
think we stopped or similar but we wont stop until the game gets completed.Soo
dont worry you will play it someday.

Soo now we will start with beyblade features:

-we decided to give
the user full control over the beyblade soo
you can make all kinds of air assault,some trick moves,going on
fence,tree....and soo we will probably add wiimote support(this is a controller
for WII-Nintendo console)soo you wil easier move

-we actually dont
own beyblade anime show...we just use the images of their show for characters,stadiums
and special moves,we use really beyblade toys for modeling beyblades and

-It will be hard to
add animation into main menu where will be story mode,options,free

-also after we make
some characters we will start making our
own intro with beyblades and characters will enjoy it for sure

-we should probably
use our own vocals for characters soo we can bring you new excting stories

-we should have our
own icon and boxshot

-I forgot to say that
we will have a shop or something similar where you can upgrade and build some totaly
new beyblades(this will probably be hard to make)

-I should probably mention
that we will start making multiplayer after we complete singleplayer soo you can
enjoy it online and play with your friends...and also there will be turnaments where
you can participate and win something

For the end our website
is (we will make new site after we make the beta)

You can find forums
there too (you can come and post your suggestions and apply
for free job)


Soo you will get it
for free :P

P.S. just kidding
you would get it for free anyway :)

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