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Here is just a few basic features you can expect from Exile Saga!

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Our goal with Exile Saga is to bring a traditional RPG experience inspired by Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Golden Sun, and other great RPGs, providing an intense story in a dark, destroyed world. We are currently in the midst of working on the game and want to provide some of the features that will be in the game. Also, make a note as some of these features might change, as the game gets closer to release.

· Dozens of weapons from swords to pistols
· Customize your character to meet each challenge
· Intense combat with enemies forcing you to change your strategy
· On-map, chasing encounters - nothing random here
· Puzzles and riddles blocking and hidden along your path
· Caves and dungeons scattered across the world waiting to be explored
· Situations forcing you to sneak and hide instead of attacking blindly
· Dark story amongst a destroyed world filled with many unique characters
· And of course secrets to be found!

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