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List of feature of the mod: 4 factions fighting for the control of mid castle and the glory

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* 4 faction

* Each faction have a spawn point in his castle

* Everyone will spawn with a basic equip depending on his class,you can buy stronger equip with gold (when you die you will lost all except gold).To make gold you have to do trade run: there will be 6 point of interest on the map where you can gather resources and add them to your inventary.The far the point of interest is from your spawn the more you will gain.Obviously enemies will try to kill and loot you so farer means more risky. The resources can be sold at your spawn point

* Factions will fight for the central castle:who control it will gain points every 10 minutes * More gold=equip str possibilities to conquer mid castle


This sounds amazing because its so simple but so many possibilities of how to play! I can honestly say this is my most looked forward to multiplayer mod this year.

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