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The last two weeks added several features that caused AvP2 Team Fortress to take a leap forward.

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Last weeks we added several changes to the mod. One of them is to add damage susceptibilities:

  • aliens take much more damage from napalm
  • predators are vulnerable to explosives
  • synthetics (heavy weapons) hate EMP grenades and enemy engineers hacking them
  • humans hate blade based weapons (hint: knife, spear, disc, wristblades)

Then we also took care so that friendly engineers can heal heavies:

The following lines are from emails exchanged between me and Moose (in Italics).

Gah, you and your choke points, not an effective strategy, rarely used, please put this out of your mind! Flag camping works much better,

And domination point camping too. Thing is, you can camp the objective, or camp the roads leading to them. It's the same situation: the heavy guards a well determined area, without the possibility to resupply or repair at home base.

but there is no other way around when this happens, so try and think to this when there is talk of something being too tough.

Ha! I'll take you on that! You can be the heavy, and grab also AGM to back you up as an engineer. I will be wour worst nightmare as a demo man.

I don't think that's true, the Synth is the only character that has any real difference, you saying that without him there is no teamwork? It's not quite true, I think I helped facilitate a 7 - 0 1F-CTF rout by hammering the opposition with the Rocket Launcher. As AGM proved by switching to a Demo guy, there's no point if no one is going for the flag, but when it worked, I didn't need instruction, I didn't give instruction, I just saw there was enough base defense, the was a Flag charger, so I chose to support, good team play.

On that map, I must admit, soldiers and snipers are key ingredients. However, in more enclosed maps (station 23, our collective fate, resin pit) the heavy plays a more important role.
What I am saying, is that if all classes are alike, then there's no rock-paper-scissors element in the game. The heavy is supposed to be a challenge to take head on.

What you are talking about is the holding hands team play, which isn't really team play as such, but this buddy role, it does have a great feeling to it, I can tell you I loved it, though I might not want to spend all round doing it, I certainly didn't expect it to play out like that when I made some noise for it to be implemented.

Playing as a buddy helps the team. I only did that when I noticed vemarkis trying to hold off the domination point. If he'd be heading back to base, I'd cloak instead and switch for either the netgun or disc. Further more, realizing what Vemarkis was trying to do, and providing that support actually felt great. For once, we had two players working closely to acheive a common goal. On "Facing Fortresses", you and AGM certainly did that, and as an enemy sniper, I felt the pressure of being suppressed with rockets. I hated and loved those moments. I hated them because they worked almost flawlesly and I was fearing that my player will die, then watch helplessly for 10 seconds, in observing mode, how my flag is being taken. I loved it because it brought teamplay on the spotlight. Both cases are excellent examples of teamwork, in which the supporting player (me, on one hand, you on the second example) managed to provide the extra help by performing the role they were supposed to: the human soldier IS supposed to use the rocket launcher, and by doing that, you also managed to support AGM. The engineer is a support class, and that's what I did: I did what had to be done to keep Vemarkis alive and loaded with ammo.

Anyway, by the looks of it, AvP2 Team Fortress is definitely taking large steps to add the team gameplay AvP2 lacked.

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