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Providing the detailed changelog from 1.26 (don't worry, it's not as massive as it sounds)... Main aim is to fix certain imbalances aswell as providing additional ways to play the existing races (aka creating more meta options). The changes are not set in stone, I just like to keep track on everything I edit for having a better overview.

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Detailed Changelog:


- increased food cap to 110 (from 100)
- Towers use fortified armour now, but base armour is reduced drastically (makes tower much weaker against siege weapons but stronger against air units/mage pushes etc.)
- all towers have halved attackspeed but their damage is doubled (this is eperimental, makes microing/aiming towers more important)
- planned: siege weapons gain a long range attack to make sieging enemy bases easier (looking at you, undead base and human fast expansions)
- all heroes require ~ 15% more experience to level up, this is most noticeable from level 4 and onwards
- heroes require more experience to level up after level 3. Values increased by ~20%

- tier 2 / tier 3 hall experience bonus for heroes lowered to 10%/20% from 15/30%
- increased all main hall teching times by 20% except for Orc
- new neutral unit: Goblin Boomer Tank. Does what the name sounds like: bombard and destroy defensive positions
- Panda Breath of Fire damage to 50/90/130 from 50/100/150. Ignition damage raised to 10/20/30 from 7/14/21. Mana cost increased to 90 from 70.
- Beast Master Bear summon manacost to 100 from 125
- Firelord: Incinerate ability changed to be passive again
- increased Pitlord base armour by 1
- new neutral Hero: Ogre Geomancer, a tanky spellcaster hero with earth/fire based spells.
1) Earth shock: cancels channeling abilities, deals initial damage and damage over time, slows movement and attackspeed. 2) Molten Boulder: target an area to throw a ball of magma towards it. All nearby units are burned and the boulder explodes at the target location, dealing damage to all units 3) Stone Skin: auto cast skill, the targeted units receives less damage from attacks. 4) Elemental fury: channeling area spell, erupts boulders from the ground that explode into smaller ones, dealing damage to all units beneath.


- increased Storm Bolt manacost to 90 from 75
- lowered Bash chance to 15%/25%/35% from 20%/30%/40%
- lowered Avatar bonus health to 300 from 500
- lowered level 2/level 3 Water elemental base damage by 6 each and hitpoints by 100 (ridiculously tough for the amount of Elementals that can be on the field at the same time)
- increased Holy Light manacost to 75 from 65
- reworked Divine Shield: now can shield any(!) allied unit for 4/6/8s with invulnerability. Cooldown increased to 12s.
- increased Devotion aura armour bonus to 2/3.5/5 from 1.5/3/4.5
- increased footmen damage to 13-14 from 12-13
- lowered Siege Tank hitpoints to 500 from 700, lowered base armour to 1 from 2. lowered armour bonus to +1 instead of +2 (no more tank laming)
- lowered Riflemen health to 510 from 535
- lowered Knight health to 800 from 835
- lowered Guard Tower health to 400 from 500, 1 fortified armour instead of 5 heavy armour, halved attackspeed but doubled the damage done per arrow
- lowered militia duration to 35s from 45s
- lowered farm hitpoints to 350 from 500
- increased dragon hawk damage to 21-24 from 17-21
- new hero: Crusader, tanky hero uses area spells to increase mobility and offense capacities. 1) Couterassault: increases nearby units speed and damage (channeling). 2) Zeal - increases Crusader attackspeed and damage for a short period of time, 3) Exorcism: target spell that silences enemy unit, deals damage over time and deals additional damage to summoned units. Damage is doubled against undead. 4)Heroic charge.: allows to ride through enemy units, dealing damage to them every second (ulti)
- new unit: Pyromancer, spellcaster unit 155G/20L, spells : 1) Molten Armour (adds a 1.5x damage crit (15% chance) and +2 armour to the target unit, 2) Summon Fire Elemental: Elemental unit with immolation, melee. 3) Pyroblast: enhances auto attack to deal Area Fire damage, drains mana with each attack.


- lowered Blademaster critical strike damage to 1.5x/2.25x/3x instead of 2x/3x/4x more damage
- lowered Blademaster windwalk duration to 10s/15s/20s from 20s/35s/50s, transition time to 1s from 0.6s, increased mana cost to 100
- Mirror Image now creates 2/2/2 illusions. At level 2 and 3 they deal 25%/50% of the Blademasters damage to enemy units. Mana cost lowered to 100 from 125, cooldown increased to 15s from 3s
- increased Far Seer spirit wolf hiptoints to 230 from 200, changed armourtype to medium from heavy
- lowered Chainlightning Manacost to 110 from 120
- lowered healing wave to heal 120/195/270 instead of 135/215/330, increased cooldown to 11s from 9s
- lowered Hex duration to 3/4/5 from 4/5/6s for heroes
- lowered serpent ward manacost to 25 from 30, lowered cooldown to 5s from 6.5s
- New hero: Warchief, exceptional at leading Orcish troops into battle. Abilities:
1) Path of Honour; debuff duration for all nearby units is decreased
2) Mighty Throw: throws a hammer at the target, dealing damage and slowing attackspeed and movementspeed
3) Windfury: increases attackspeed and damage significantly for a period of time
4) Blood for Blood: nearby units give back damage when attacked
- Raider + 1 armour
- Grunts receive a new tech: Pounding Axes, gives them a chance to deal bonus damage and smash the attacked unit's armour. Deals damage over time and lowers their armour by 2.
- troll headhunter hitpoints from 350 to 380 (berserkers remain unchanged)
- Tauren Totem available at tier 2; Spirit Walkers moved to Totem. Tauren Warriors require tier 3 still
- Ancestral Spirit manacost to 200 from 250
- lowered purge manacost to 60 from 75
- lowered liquid fire damage bonus to 4 from 8
- lowered Guard Tower health to 400 from 500, 1 fortified armour instead of 5 heavy armour; halved attackspeed but doubled the damage done per arrow, improved defenses increase the tower attackspeed by 25%, give 2 bonus armour and +200 hitpoints instead of changing armour to fortified
- new unit: Troll Voodoo Priest - can initially cast Voodoo Charm, which lowers the duration of negative spells on friendly units and makes them immune against certain spells. Can also learn Big Bad Curse that removes mana every second. Whenever it casts a spell, it is damaged by a percentage of the missing mana


- increased Ghoul hitpoints to 350 (from 340
- increased manacost for death Coil to 85 (from 75)- lowered Frost Nova base damage to 75 (from 100), total damage now 125,175,225
- increased Impale mana cost to 90 (from 75)
- lowered Crypt Beetle mana cost to 25 (from 30)
- fixed damage cap on Carrion Swarm to 100/150/200 damage (from 75/125/200)
- new unit: Coldwraith. A heavy melee unit (normal damage - medium armourtype) with a ghostly appearance. Can toggle a Freezing Field that slows and damages enemy nearby units
- lowered Crypt Fiend hitpoints to 510 (from 550)
- lowered Banshee and Necromancer gold cost by 10 each
- New Hero: Plague Phantom, a cunning hero, adapt at dishing out damage while avoiding to take damage in return. 1) Phantom Stalker: applies Evasion and Critical Strike for a period of time. 2) Twilight Shade: creates a mirror image of itself. 3) Crippling Poison: passively applies a poison with attacks that deal damage over time and slow the target. 4) Spread the Plague: puts a seed of Corruption on the target units who themselves will infect other units with the Plague. Units dying while affected will become plague bearers
- added replenishment potion to UD shop (140g)
- new unit:


- lowered Demon Hunter evasion bonus to 10%/15%/30% (from 10%/20%/30%)
- lowered Demon Hunter mana burn to 35/70/105 against heroes
- lowered Metamorphosis hitpoint bonus to 300 (from 500)
- lowered Entangling roots duration to 9/18/27 (from 9/24/36)
- lowered Force of Nature cooldown to 15s (from 20s), lowered manacost to 100 (from 125)
- increased Searing Arrows damage to 12/24/36 (from 10/20/30)
- lowered Mountain Giant cost to 380g/90w (from 425g/100w)
- increased Archer hitpoints to 265 (from 245)
- Moon Glaives are available with Tree of Ages (from Tree of Eternity)
- Nature's Blessing is now a 2-leveled tech. The overall bonus is the same still, just it's now possible to research level 1 in tier 1
- Improved Bows moved to Hunter's Hall
- new Hero: Sylvan Enchantress, a mobile Archer hero that provides mobility and endurance to Nightelf troops. 1) Equilibrium: channeling ability that heals units in the target area over time, 2) summon Forest Elder: summons a wolf companion, 3) Untouchable Aura: provides bonus armour and movementspeed for allied units, 4) Reincarnation (placeholder): unit comes back to life after a period of time
- new unit: Sentinel Archer; currently an upgrade for the normal archer, providing additional hitpoints and damage for them.

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