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The Profile of the First Unit going to be released, The Avalon Bomber.

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BM-335 Avalon Bomber
Country of Origin - Principality of Belka
Produced At - Grunder Industries Headquarters, Sudentor
Key Features
» x1 "Black Out" Warhead
» Dual 20mm Strafing Cannon
» Six "Hresvelgr" [Classified] Engines
» P-1112 "Aigaion" Upgrade Package with "Neutron" Bomb, For skilled Pilots.
» Patriotic 8-track Tape of Traditional Music/Self Destruct Key.(In Case of Compromise)

Before there liberation from the Soviets, The South Belkan Munitions Plant(The old name of the Grunder's HQ) was forced to make EMP Generators for Soviet Tesla Troopers. When they where liberated, They started to put that to good Use. Combining that with the Allied Blackout Warhead, and there XB-0 Test craft lead to the Avalon we know today. The Avalon is meant to stop Soviet Forces in there tracks. Along with there Black Out Bomb, they also have a set of cannons for anti Infantry work, though some allied brass think that it's a bit excessive. Rumors in the force say that some pilots that are close enough to the company get Something Called a "Neutron" Bomb. The Only thing Known about that is that it can Stop anything Mechanical forever, though not in the conventional sense. One Thing is for certain, The Avalon is a strong addition to the Allied Air Forces.

Well Here we are, The First story on ModDB. I hope you like it, and I hope you'll like the unit when it is released. And Just to be safe, All Rights and Names belong to there respective owners.

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