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September 21st, 2018 - All packages have been updated with a new title card. Packages now include various sprite fixes, musical fixes and a major fix for all patches that resolved a glitch that was preventing German users from installing any of the patches in English.

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  • 3x Install packages to choose from for Express installation of the mod(s) and a Manual Installation package that contains over 50 patches so that you can mix and match all of the following content to customize your experience.
  • Reworked Sprites available in two distinct flavors; the Core package, which is the heart and soul of A World Reborn, features sprite-work inspired by Amano's concept art. The Nostalgia package (which is also featured in the Hybrid Mix) features SNES inspired palettes for the 14 main characters, temporary party members and many NPC's.
  • Reworked Monsters and Espers; featured in the Core package and the Hybrid Mix, all of the monsters and Espers have been reworked to match the color palette and style of Amano's artwork with respect to appearances of some of these creatures in the greater mythos of Final Fantasy lore.
  • Reworked battlebacks that enhance the battle backgrounds of the original release, by improving the terrain in some of the battle backgrounds, as well as making adjustments to lighting, contrast, saturation and more in all of the backgrounds.
  • Reworked UI that removes most of the clutter from the port's mobile interface such as the touch icons in the corners of the Battle Screen, the sprint shoes icon and the tap icons for Sabin's Blitz's. Changes have also been made to the Bestiary and Event album to reflect the overall changes made within these packages for a seamless user experience.
  • 2x Custom Fonts: The Core and Hybrid Mix packages use a modified version of the GBA release's font while the Nostalgia Pack uses the SNES font.
  • 2x Custom ReShade profiles: A ReShade profile has been configured for both the Core and Nostalgia package releases, both of which add CRT scanlines, a toggle key to switch aspect rations from 4:3 to 16:9 and color enhancements to suit the theme of each package.
  • 3x Customized Battle HUDs and more!

If you have any issues, suggestions or feedback you'd like to share with us, you can reach us on the Steam Community page or by leaving comments/reviews here on the moddb page. We firmly believe that feedback makes the mod, so we encourage you all to join in on our 1.0 release and tell us how you feel about it. There's more content in the works and will be uploaded when it's ready. Thank you for playing, we hope you enjoy! :)

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