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"Auschwitz Virtual Tour", a 3D experience that allows you to visit the most notorious concentration camp in history : Auschwitz I, main camp.

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"Auschwitz Virtual Tour"
< developed by Luca Bersiga a.k.a. lukeberfiga >

< created with Unity >

Introduction to the tour

"Auschwitz Virtual Tour" represents a realistic and unique visiting experience through the exploration of Auschwitz I,

the most notorious concentration camp in history.

I decided to develop this project for my graduation exams, it took me about two months to get the proper information and develop the virtual tour, so I really hope you will enjoy it :)


Forward/Backward/Lateral movements : directional arrows/WASD

Xyz camera movement : mouse

Run : shift

Pause menu : escape

Software version : F1

Framerate : F2


This software is only available on Windows operating system for x86 systems (32 bit architecture) and x64 systems (64 bit architecture).

I recommend the following hardware and software requirements
to enjoy the tour experience at its best :

Operating system - Windows 7 or higher
Processor ---> 2.4 Ghz or higher
Memory---> at least 3 Gb
Hard Drive ---> 200 Mb free
Graphics ---> good video card (at least 1 Gb)
Audio ---> good sound card (at least 44100 Hz)
In addition, I recommend installing Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or newer, DirectX 10 or better and latest video/audio drivers.

Health precautions

< 14+ >
This virtual tour is highly not recommended for people who suffer from seizures.

More info & special thanks

Many thanks to the following sites for helping

me find useful information and images for the game:

Official presentation :

Auschwitz Virtual Tour (Presentation)

Official soundtrack :

Auschwitz Virtual Tour (Soundtrack)

Some nice gameplays :

Davide Masino - Gameplay

Santa Maria Capua Vetere - Gameplay

For any other info you wish to receive, here are

all the available contacts :

lukeberfiga (YouTube)

Download links :


Auschwitz Virtual Tour (WINx86)


Auschwitz Virtual Tour (WINx64)


Auschwitz Virtual Tour (OST)

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