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How your Stats improves your Attributes and the different effect of Weapons and Shield on your character.

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Improving your Attributes through your Stats

In Caiam Piter and the Mushroom Kingdom leveling up will give you points to spend in Stats, which in turn will affect various of your character attributes and your performance during battle!

The attributes are:

  • Damage: The raw damage output.
  • Damage Factor: A percentage value that reflects an added raw damage to your attacks.
  • Hits Per Second: How many hits per seconds you can do if attacking uninterrupted.
  • Critical Chance: The probability of doing a critical attack.
  • Critical Multiplier: The extra raw damage that a critical attack does.
  • Health: Your current max Health.
  • Defense: A percentage of how much of the incoming damage is reduced.
  • Food: Your current max Food.
  • Discovery: A value that reflects how much extra discovery you have.

All these attributes are affected by different stats and in different amounts:

  • VIT increases greatly , mildly and slightly .
  • STR increases greatly , mildly and slightly .
  • AGI increases greatly , mildly and slightly .
  • DEX increases greatly , mildly and slightly .
  • LUK increases greatly , mildly and slightly .

These increments are balanced so you can choose different types of builds and come out with an efficient type of gameplay, whatever you are of the type that like slow but massive damage output or fast hitting low damage that does a lot of damage in total.

Now you may be asking, “but what about Damage? I don’t see that in the attributes given by any stats”.

Well, Damage is something only weapons have, you can’t improve this by using your stats, only by getting better gear.

Procedurally generated Weapons

At the moment we have implemented:

  • Axes.
  • Clubs.
  • Daggers.
  • Long Swords.
  • Short Swords.
  • Spears.

Weapons can have Attributes and Stat bonuses that add to the character’s attributes, with the single exception of Damage Factor, which a weapon will never have.

The value of Attributes and Stat bonuses on a weapon are procedurally generated, however, each type of weapon has a quirk that will always make it different from the other types.

  • Axes focus on the critical multiplier and not so much in the critical chance.
  • Clubs focus on damage and critical multiplier, but almost nothing on attack speed.
  • Daggers focus heavily on attack speed and critical chance, but they do less raw damage.
  • Long Swords are all about damage but overall slow.
  • Short Swords are balanced, they don’t exceed in anything but will always give attributes in everything.
  • Spears are fast and have a good critical chance, but not so much in the critical multiplier.

Now, these descriptions are the general template that the procedural generation will follow, however, there is a chance that when generating any of these weapons a specialization will be created. Each weapon has different specializations, and each one takes one or two attributes and improves them greatly, changing the weapon image and its name.

For example, we could have a regular dagger turn into a ceremonial dagger which will improve greatly the critical multiplier of the dagger, these amounts can only be reached with this specialization so other generated daggers of the same level and rarity won’t be able to compare on this attribute.

This allows us to implement new weapon types and specialization very easily by having the weapon image and its template, then the procedural algorithm will take care of creating as needed. Currently, we have six different weapons and each one with four specializations, making 24 distinct weapons to equip with different quirk and uses. Add this to the procedural nature of how things are generated and there are quite a wide variations of weapons you can get.

This pretty much applies in the same way for how the Stat bonuses are applied for a weapon, with the single difference that there is a chance that you get no Stat bonus at all.

This is how things work now, we are planning on tunning some of these rules for Attributes for each weapon type and also add more weapons types and specialization so we can have hundreds of different options for you to play and fashion.

Procedurally generated Shields

Caiam Piter will be hit, a lot, during his adventure, so finding a good shield is a must. Currently, we have the following type of shields implemented:

  • Small Shield.
  • Medium Shield.
  • Huge Shield.

As weapons, shields have Attributes and Stat bonuses that add to the character, with the single exception of Damage Factor, which a shield will never have.

The generation of Attributes and Stats bonuses work in the same way as Weapons do, but Shield quirks are different.

  • Small Shield focuses on life.
  • Medium Shield focuses on food.
  • Huge Shield focuses heavily on defense.

As with weapons, shields can specialize, transforming the sprite and improving specific attributes that will make that specialization apart from the rest.

For example, the regular small shield can go from to which is a food specialized shield.

Shields are very important for defense, especially when surrounded, so it is a good thing to find one early in the game!

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