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Atmosfear 2 for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call Of Pripyat

by Cromm Cruac

AtmosFear is a mod for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Call Of Pripyat that tweaks and expands the vanilla weather system to be more realistic and various.
The vision distances for some weather cycles has been increased (and reduced for other) so on a clear day you can now see almost across the whole area.

AtmosFear: Blowout
This part of the mod replaces vanilla blowout sequence making blowouts dark and gloomy, showing strange atmospherical phenomena similar to aurora borealis (northern lights) due to high level of ionizing radiation. It also features blowout waves based on those seen in Clear Sky intro.

AtmosFear: Fallout
The Zone is now even more hostile as radioactive and acidic fallouts occur from time to time. They can cause significant damage if player caught in the open without decent protection from armor, artifacts or drugs. The nearest cover is shown on the minimap when radiation or biohazard levels become deadly. Acidic fallout very quickly degrades the armor/helmets.


  • 3 additional dynamic weather cycles (partly cloudy, foggy, very foggy)
    There are now 7 (instead of 4) weather cycles (clear, partly cloudy, foggy, very foggy, cloudy, rainy and stormy).
  • Altered weather behaviour.
    There are now 2 main weathers cycles, good and bad. They change in 2h - 8h periods (depending on the area). The weather still changes from hour to hour within each period.
  • Different weather balance graphs for each area.
    Zaton is often foggy as it is a swamp like area. Jupiter is mostly clear with more storms. Pripyat is rainy and stormy so don't expect much sun there.
  • Full weather cycle (static) for Jupiter Underground.
  • 123 new rendered photorealistic sky-cube textures featuring horizon line with Chernobyl NPP, Limansk radar and Red Forest Brainscorcher .
  • Increased vision distance for clear (x3), partly cloudy(x3) and cloudy(x2) weathers.
  • Reduced vision distance for storms (x0.6), fog (x0.4) and thick fog (x0.1).
  • Dynamic Depth Of Field (DOF)
    DOF is changing with vision distance and depends on the weather. I.E. on clear day the distant object are sharp but fog will blur them.
  • AtmosFear 2: Blowout (optional) - replaced vanilla blowout sequence
    Particle waves sweeping across the area. New sound and environment effects created by imperialreign. Various NPCs fate after blowout (those not in the cover). Various blowout warnings.
  • AtmosFear 2: Fallout (optional)
    Deadly radioactive and acidic fallouts occur in the Zone
  • Optional high-resolution and ultra-resolution texture packs
  • Included option pack with various tonal range, night brightness, weather periods length and balance settings (see Options section)
  • Optional Ambient Audio Overhaul Core by imperialreign



  • Integrated AtmosFear 2: Fallout
  • Acidic fallout degrades the armor/helmet
  • Stripped alpha channel from all sky textures.
  • It should now require 1/4 less RAM than v2.0. For Ultra textures option it should save around 400MB.
  • Fixed bugs:
    • It is possible to survive blowout with 'Marked by Zone' achievement no matter which blowout option is chosen during install
    • Blowout wave disappears when anabiotic drug is used to survive the blowout.
    • AF: Fallout doesn't mess the stats. 'Artifact hunter' is not given immediately after install anymore.
    • AF: Fallout acid rain sound is now properly commented.


This mod can be incompatible with other mods that change the weather system.
AtmosFear 2 alone (without AF2:Blowout and AAO) should be compatible with most of the mods. Usually you can install it on top of other mods.
With AF2:Blowout and/or AAO some manual merging could be required.

REMEMBER: always backup your gamedata folder before installing this mod and install on your own responsibility.

The mod has been designed and tested on version 1.6.02 but should work on other CoP versions.


  1. In case you haven't installed any mods before, locate file "fsgame.ltx" in the main S.T.A.L.K.E.R. directory, open with Notepad and change both variables in this line to "true": $game_data$ = true | true | $fs_root$ | gamedata\
  2. Run 'AtmosFear 2 CoP Setup' and follow the instructions.
  3. Start the game. Load last save or start new game (starting a new game is not required)
  4. Open game console (default key is '`')
  5. Save backup of your settings by entering: cfg_save user_bak.ltx
  6. Load desired AtmosFear settings by entering: cfg_load user_atmosfear.

NOTE: The last step will overwrite some your graphic settings. Settings like key bindings, resolution and most of the advanced graphic options will stay the same.

Installing Options: you can install different options by simply running 'AtmosFear 2 CoP Option Pack'.

Installing the mod does not require starting a new game.


  1. Go to Start Menu > Programs > Cromm Cruac
  2. Run 'Uninstall AtmosFear 2 CoP'
  3. Start the game. Load last save or start new game.
  4. Open game console (default key is '`')
  5. Load the back-up of your settings by entering: cfg_load user_bak.ltx
  6. Restart the game.


Tonal range
You can choose the tonal range that is responsible for overall 'tint' of the colors. You can choose from

  • Default: the sun is almost white and the tint is as close to the correct white balance as possible.
  • Medium (Yellow sun tint) gives the sun lit areas a slight yellow tint
  • Medium (Yellow hemisphere tint) reduces influence of the blue color that comes from the sky and gives shadows less blue tint and areas lit by the sun a yellow tint.
  • Wide is the mode where both medium options are combined. The shadows are less blue and the overall look is much warmer.

NOTE: refer to docs/tonal_range.html for preview.

Night brightness
You can choose the brightness of the nights

  • Default: it's getting dark right after the sunset and the nights are almost pitch black.
  • Slight: nights are dark but with moon behind the clouds you can see something.
  • Medium: you can walk without the flashlight on in most locations but it is still hard to spot attacking mutant on the dark ground. Tunnels and buildings interiors remain dark.
  • Bright: You don't need the flashlight or the nightvision in the open. Tunnels and buildings interiors remain dark

NOTE: refer to docs/nights.html for preview.

Weather periods length
You can choose how fast the weather changes from good to bad (and opposite)

Weather balance
You can choose from 3 options:

  • Default: the good and bad weather periods length varies depending on the area.
  • Mostly good: the good wether periods last longer than bad weather in all areas
  • Mostly bad: the bad wether periods last longer than good weather in all areas

Dynamic DOF
If Dynamic DOF caused framerate drop you can choose the version without it.

Ambient Audio Overhaul
This will install Ambient Audio Overhaul Core by imperialreign. It features new ambient sounds and creates more various environment sounds.
NOTE: Removing this option requires complete unistall and re-install of AtmosFear mod. This option can't be changed with Option Pack Setup.

NPC fate after blowout
If you decide to install AtmosFear 2: Blowout you can choose various fate for NPCs that could make it to hide:

  • NPCs will be killed at the end (like in vanilla)
  • NPCs will be killed when the advancing blowout wave meets them
  • NPCs will be turned to zombies by wave
  • NPCs will be ripped apart by wave

NOTE: first two options can cause a lags at the end of the blowout. This kind of stuttering has been observed on some system configurations even in vanilla version.

Blowout warnings

  • Radio messages
  • Siren
  • Radio messages and siren
  • None


This mod can seriosly stress your graphic card as it is designed for high-end graphic cards.
However, it has been tested on double SLi-ed 8800GTS with lowered graphic settings with pretty decent results in
framerate. If you experience drop in framerate try to reduce Object details, SSAO, Sun rays quality settings in advanced graphics settings and/or resolution in basic settings.
Don't change in-game basic preset (low, medium, high).

Dynamic DOF and particle waves in AF2:Blowout can cause framerate drop. If it does you can install Atmosfear without them.

Installing hi-res texture pack requires at least 500MB more RAM memory than vanilla. Installing this pack can cause memory problems on 32bit systems or systems with less than 3GB RAM.
Using ultra-high textures requires even more RAM.

The mod has been designed and tested on version 1.6.02.


imperialreign for Ambient Audio Overhaul Core
Many thanks to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. forum community for constant support and feedback.


You can use, include or modify this mod freely under two conditions:
1. inform me about that:
2. you must give me a credit stating it clearly in your mod description.

Cromm Cruac.
July 2010.

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