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This is the Assault Knights: Reign of Steel Preorder, FAQ information guide.

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There has been a few questions about about the game tossed at me here
and there.. And also there is not hardly any information about the game
on the forums any more.. Because we recently had a problem that caused
us to have to reinstall the entire forums.. So I am going to take a
little time and write out all the information about the game right
here.. So lets get started..

Q: What is Assault Knights?
Assault Knights is a combined arms Mech simulation game, with high
powered weapons, many different types of units. (from mechs to Aircraft,
Ground units like tanks, and wheeled vehicles. Also helicopters and

Q: What makes Assault Knights "Different" then other mech related genres?
Assault Knights is not just about the mechs. AK is the only full game
beside modded games that uses true combined arms.. You can spawn any
unit you want to play as on the map. Also each and every unit can be
customized with a huge magnitude of weapons inside the Tech Lab. You can
also buy units from the unit buy window.. And create variants of each
unit.. With up to 10 weapons, depending on how many weapon slots is on
the unit..

Q: Is there plans for a Single player campaign?
Currently right now there is not any type of single player campaign in
the works. But there is (Or will be soon) A huge single player,
"Playground" Being made for the game. Where players can go in and test
out everything. As for the future, We do plan on having a small set of
maps that can be considered a campaign.
But the main focus of the game will truly be Multiplayer.

Q: Is there a storyline?
Yes, Assault Knights takes place in a completely original universe
where two factions are competing for control of a politically unstable
galaxy. The Assault Knights, and Omni. Both are trying to seize control
over different planets for resources, and weapons development purposes.

Q: When I buy Assault Knights what exactly am I buying?
You are buying the beta version of the game. This is what will help us
fund the development of the game for 1.0.. You are actually buying the
full game. It is just not completed yet.. Though the game is fairly
stable. And also updated regularly. At least up to once a month. Though
updates can take place actually several times
a month.

Q: How many players can play the game online?
Really that depends on the host's system, and net speed.. Really there
is no limit to the amount of players that can play online. It truely
depends on your system specs and also your net speed. Though a good
system can usually host 10 players without problem. We are currently
developing a way to raise that to 32 to 64.

Q: What are the lowest specs that this game can run on for a computer?
The lowest spec system we have found so far to be able to run the game
is 1.8GHz single core Celeron, 512MB RAM and Radeon X1650 graphics card,
Though the recommended specs is a 2Ghz duo core processor
2 gigs of ram, and a Nvidia Gforce 8800 or equivalent.

Q: When exactly will Assault Knights be done?
That really depends on you as the consumer. If we can get enough funds
for the game, we will be able to finish it fairly early. It just depends
on how much actual funding we can truly get. We are not a huge game
company, and cannot spend millions of dollars on this project. This game
is developed by gamers for gamers.
It is the community here that
drives the development of the game. Though actually when it is done
depends on you. The more preorderers we have. The more people we can put
on the project and the quicker things will get done.

Q:Why did you decide to make a mech combined arms game?
Simply because no one else has done it. We are actually one of the few
that has done it in this scale and also as a simulation. Sure there is
games that might have a single mech or two in the game. But honestly
there is nothing to the units. There is just a small life bar, and
nothing more. You shoot the thing and it dies.
There just is nothing out there simulation wise.. We can truly say we are the first to do this. On this scale,
Besides mods of other games.

Q:Exactly what do I get when I buy the game?
Man where should I start? Lets see.. First of all you get a game that
has alot of potential to be something great. Everyone whom has ever
played the game has loved it. Save a few people we wont mention here
The game is very moddable. Utilizing the Neo Axis engine you can
create just about anything to your heart's content. From new units, to
aircraft and anything else in between. The game itself also comes with a
huge magnatude of units. 48 in all so far. And many more being added as
we make them. Below is the actual list of
units. And what side they are associated with.

Unit names.


Andross: AK
Archer: AK
Atlas: AK
Boar: AK
Dragon: AK
Frog: AK
Frog Var 2: Omni
Galahan: AK
Gorg: Omni
Loki: Omni
Panthera MK2: AK
Shadow Hawk: AK
Thor: Omni
War Titian: Omni
Wolf Hawk: AK


Kestrial: AK
VTOL: Omni
Wild Wing: AK
Wasp: Omni
Stinger: AK

Wheeled Vehicles:

Ares: AK
SideWinder: Omni
Viper Scout: AK


Destroyer: AK
Lightning: AK
Missle Storm: AK
Predator: AK
Raider: AK
Raptor: AK
Saint: AK
Steel Guard: AK

Bandit: Omni
Black Arrow: Omni
Blue thunder: Omni
Crimson Rain: Omni
Pegasus: Omni
Phalanx: Omni
Renegade: Omni
Rhino: Omni
Ripper: Omni
Spectrum: Omni

is not all though. Almost Each and every unit is able to be customized
from the Tech Lab. (save a few that is not done yet.) You also as you
play the game and kill other players online gain Assault Credits, which
can in turn be used to buy more units and also weapons.

The true
amount of weapons has not been counted up yet. But there is a huge
amount of them in game. Though if I was to guess there is probably
around 50 to 100 weapons in the game at this time. Though the true
amount is not known by me yet. Though I can safely say that is about

Another thing that you will be getting with the game is a
good set of maps to play on in multiplayer. We add new maps to the game
all the time. And create all kinds of playfields for players to play on.
map is huge too. Anywhere around 5,000 to 10,000 meters square. Some of
the biggest maps in alot of games. Reason why they are so big though is
because the game is planned to have huge massive battles. With around
32 or 64 players (Or more.) Think about huge combined arms battles on a
epic scale.

This is what will set Assault Knights apart from other combined arms mech games.
That and the fact that game will be highly modable.

Q: What is the exact number of units planned to be in the game when it is finally done.
A: That is really hard to say right now. But our original plan was to have 32 mechs, and 50 or more other units.
really that depends on the amount of preorderers we get. More money we
get, the more we can do with the game. But the initial plan is still 32
mechs, and 50 other units.

Q:What about weapons?
A:Same as
above. It just depends really.. But I beleve we will have enough weapons
in the game to keep alot of people happy.. Weapons are much easier to
make then entire units. So We might (MIGHT) have around 200 weapons when
the game is done.

Q:How much does the preorder cost?
A: Just 10 USD (US Dollar)

Q: Where can I preorder the game?
A: Right Here

Q:What do you take the buy the game? As in paypal or?
We take mainly for right now Paypal. Though if you cant use paypal you
can send me a money order and I still receive the game. Just PM me for

Q: I still have some questions about the game I would like Answered. But I don't see the answer here?
You are welcome to ask us anything here that might not be on this list.
Just make a new thread, or feel free to PM me your questions on our forums. I will
always try to Answer the question to the best of my knowledge.

If you have anything else you would like to add to this FAQ please let me know. I will add it to the list.

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