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ASM, A Small Mod
A small mod for RA2:YR (Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge)

This mod is aimed to be very little smally tiny. So if you expect huge changes or TC (total conversion) mod, you'll be disappointed. Dedicated to imitate the atmosphere and gameplay of the original Red Alert 2 and Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge, the mod is supposed to be something like an extension of a human arm - a bit prolonged, but not too far (because it can make an obstacle of itself preventing from doing anything ;-)).

The principal and utmost aims of the mod:
graphics (buildings, units, and so on) being RA2(/YR)like
realistical and really balanced gameplay (no more GIs or Conscripts destroying whole bases), unlike RA2 gameplay

It must feel like an expansion pack.
That's why not a TC.
That's why only some of the public models will do and some won't.

ASM versions' latest downloads:
YR version RA2 version

ASM maps, which work also for regular YR (and probably some of the other mods)!
ASM maps #3 ASM maps #2 ASM maps #1

Additions and bonuses:

The full credit list! See to know who really made this mod the way it is.
ASM creditlist


i'm loving your mod
balanced and various
can't wait to the final release
good work and good look! ;)

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