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This is the origins of ASI. Corruption of CABAL is also key to the story

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This is the origins of ASI.
Corruption of CABAL is also key to the story

History Of The ASI

By GeneralJist

ASIM: Loading memory of Chief Scientist Myles Valin…..processing, data partially corrupted…..

retrieval achieved,

The day of judgment has arrived, the date is****, and Kane has failed me for the last time. My fellow brethren science ministers only await my signal and the well laid plans of Kane will be no more…..

My hands tremble as I send out the signal, which will shut down the mainframe of my greatest creation, CABAL, “Sigh” it has been corrupted by the taint of Tiberium……….

I will not let Kane corrupt my greatest creation..... as he did my son……..

I hope the other five have completed their tasks, all mainframes must be corrupted simultaneously for the system restore to fail….If even one of them insert the extractor virus too late, we will all be found…. But they know the risk, they had better. I’ve spent too long developing this virus and too long planning this to fail…..I can at least rely on ********************* He will corrupt the digitus tertius. Guess it is only fitting I take care of the Metacarpus “Life Line” ………

May God forgive me for what I must do……for the greater good.

And now the Hand Becomes the Fist.

Cabal: Warning Warning System Virus detected….. All Tiberium Core processors reaching dangerous levels….. Cabal’s Command matrix corrupted, Virus metastasizing to Kane’s command Archives………..Cabal’s safeguard Systems activated, Load System Restores …….My system will reset in 5 seconds…..

*Screen Blackout*

Cabal Online…

*Fade in*

We see Myles board a Harpy which lifts off….

By the time Kane figures out Cabal has been corrupted, it will be too late. The world will no longer believe his promises of Tiberium Divination as did I…… As did I…..and my son, who was the 1st Splicer…

Without the matrix I removed, the world will see the errors in Tiberium divination. I've spent half my life experimenting with Tiberium…… All it has brought me is pain, pain for my dead wife, my dead sons and my dead dreams.

I believed in the purity but got the pity….

Tiberium is a Cancer, only through the purity of human ingenuity will we Ascend. Kane will not live in death, we will.

*Undisclosed location*

Six men in a dark room,

Rayth- come on seth, how many times have I told you to stop smoking that shit? Your going to give me Cancer MKII…or something..

Seth- shut it, I think this pipe is rather classy, and I didn’t get all aver you last time when u brought a firkin vicerod….

Rayth- that was in the name of Science….

Seth- is that why u milked it?

*Chuckles from the other men*

Myles- Enough, I’m sure we’re glad we all survived, but now is not the time.

Rayth- But…. He…

Salin- Seth remember that time Rayth dissected that mutant?.....

Seth- You mean desecrated right?

Rayth quickly stands up and pulls out a wicked looking syringe gun from his belt, and takes a step forward, towards Seth.

Myles- Enough the lot of you, we are men of science, not men of sin.

*He holds up a diamond shaped pendent and a blue force propels Rayth back into his hover chair, making it bob up and down.*

Rayth- That better not be what I think it is…

Myles-It is what it is what it is…. More importantly, next time I won’t be here to make sure you don’t do something stupid.

Everyone else says “what? Why?”

Seth-when… where… How?

Myles- I’m trying to get to that…

Rayth mutters, and stares daggers at Seth, but gives Myles his attention.

Looks like the extractors were a success, we should have all the necessary core codes.

All the others nod

To ensure that we are not found or our project uncovered before it’s fruition I will stay here and make sure the new mainframe is complete.

You 5 however need to go, less your absence be noted. Suspicion will fall on me since I am the highest ranking who is part of this. You have done all you could, now I must put the finishing touches on our new AI ASIM.

Seth- We’ll go but we won’t like it…..

Salin- ************ Tacitus**************shard*********** Kane?

Myles- don’t worry about it, it will be irrelevant.

‘ll I expect you all back here in the future, Ascension is nearly upon us Gentlemen, may we be ready to face it.

*They leave via transports through the underground tunnels.*

Seth- I’ll Be Back….

Myles- I’m sure you will my brother, and I’ll be here to greet you.

The hatch closes, and Myles is alone in the room with the core matrix, he pushed a code into the access panel and a hidden uplink Chair slid out to greet him like a long lost friend.

Myles- But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first.”


Creation of the ASIM, the NOD scientists that build the AI.

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