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A Look into the Design Documentation for the ASI This is part 1 of a series that will be bringing the community direct information from our Archives to better showcase, as well as assist us in our developments.

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The Design of The Artificial Systematic Intelligence (ASI)

(The Following is an excerpt from the Tiberium Secrets Game Design Document as of 9/20/2013)

The ASI possesses a distinctive Egyptian design, mixed with futuristic technological and mechanical styles. They heavily believe in drawing from the older human religions’ concepts of immortality and the purity of the mind.

Their aim of Ascension is through the use of technology, not Tiberium, which is where ASIM split from the Brotherhood of Nod.For all their belief in the purity of the ingenuity of man, they have transcended their biological flesh, and willingly integrated their consciousness with that of their own messiah of sorts, ASIM, their leading Artificial Intelligence.

Created by five scientists from the Black Hand, who offers immortality and hierarchal power through vast amounts of dark technology and the “cyberazation” of one’s consciousness.

Upon entering the visible world stage an enormous city-sized complex was erected in North Africa, a towering machine fortress-like monastery closed off to the outside. From it marches a sleepless army that under ASIM’s leadership does not regard Tiberium with importance for the future, but has its sights set on something far greater for mankind.

* Transformation:
This transformation must be voluntary, but once turned down, will never be offered again. There are ASI missionaries who will go and offer their deal or no deal to the populations of the world.
-Also the implications of neurons as a power source for the AI.

* Faction Represents:
The ASI represents the quest for immortality through technology (literal, physical and spiritual) as well as the implications of these technologies. Furthermore, they can embody the development and use of technology that is not fully understood by mankind, as well as how in the modern age, man has grown reliant on their technological creations.

* Theme/ Design Base:
- Egyptian; Gothic; Futuristic; Mechanical

* Important Technologies:
- Robotics/ Computer Systems
- Pulse Lasers
- Dark Matter/ Anti-Matter
- Light
- Electricity
- Nanites

* Further Faction Details:
- Terrestrial Force: High Strength, Conventional
- Aerial Force: Mid Strength, Support
- Preferred Warfare Doctrine(s): Symmetric, Ground Supremacy

“For those with drive, and for those who endure, they shall be bonded forevermore.”

For everyone here @ Tiberium Secrets: Jist

(Project Coordinator/producer, PR Lead, Lead Writer)

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