An introduction to the Ares DLL Injector project and how it can help us achieve things the original game engine could not

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Welcome, With this article I want to help explain to the community what Ares is and what it can do for us. First off Thanks to PD for developing the Syringe Application that makes Ares possible and to DCoder. Renegade, Marshall and the rest of the developement team.

Ares makes it possible to introduce new functionality though DLL files, anyone who has a good knoledge of C++ can write features for Ares but you should also have a good understanding of how the code needs to be handled and hooked.

Now how does Ares help Enemy Enhanced? Well it provides us with so many fixes that the orginal game shipped with and fixes that were not possible by INI editing alone. Ares has greatly increased the performance of the Yuri's Revenge engine and makes gameplay much more fun.

Ares also allows us to add new features like a Third or even FORTH Campaign to the game, provides Prism forwarding expansion to allow for many new features like Allied prism towers of each team providing themselves as support towers.

there are many features that Ares has already implemented and many more that will come over the years as people keep developing and more people learn to code the C++ DLL features.

I hope this has helped some of you understand how Ares works and how it can help us to achieve much better things with our Modifications for the C&C Yuri's Revenge engine.

If you are interested in the Project or trying to help out please visit for further details.

This quick video show cases a Custom Paradrop feature added in Ares



Ares, is indeed great.

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