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This article will be explaining what Traps are in Archer Alec.

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Archer Alec
In Archer Alec the player will be able to use Traps to assist them in defending the castle.
There are 8 available inventory slots. Each with a 10 second Cool down time; meaning when you use a trap that slot the trap was in cannot be used again for 10 seconds.

How to get Traps.
You will be able to purchase traps from the shop in each level, you open the shop by pressing S, and can mouse over items to get a description of what you are looking at. Traps will cost gold, which you get by killing monsters and completing levels.
*You get more gold at the end of each level the less damage your castle has taken.

Currently there are two types of traps.
Wall, and Floor
Floor traps snap to the floor when placed, while wall traps snap to .. the wall!

More traps will be introduced/available to be purchased through the shop as the player advances through the game.

Traps are a valuable source of Damage, and control over the oncoming attackers.

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