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With the reboot of Arania - Forgotten Lands, comes the list of plans!

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Our intentions for Arania - Forgotten Lands are to make the game free for Alpha and Beta, and possibly even for the final release (although we have our eyes on making it a very cheap game, somewhere under £5)

Because I don't like to share 99% of my plans due to how much I love to change them, I'll simply detail a rough list of what I see happening in Alpha:

-Create a basic menu system
-Allow the player to load/save created games
-create the graphics neccessary for:
-Standard Male Character
-Standard Female Character *Note: Character customization MAY be implemented one day*
-Create a working traversable world map
-Get combat setup (Animations may or may not be implemented before beta, depends how fast the other artwork for alpha is done)
-Allow player to interact with characters (aka Chat options, a dialogue box for the responses, etc)
-Basic SFX/background music
-implementation of a few enemy / character types in the game (e.g. villager, a goblin, etc)
-basic working stats that effect the player's performance

There will probably be a lot more, but this is what I see as being the key features for Alpha before we go into a full-scale beta.

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