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Apolyton Pack mod Version v1.00 (beta). Changelog. =====>

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Mod Name: Red Alert 2 Apolyton Pack

Mod Author: KOYK GR

Version: 1.00




"Red Alert 2 Apolyton" is an unofficial Expansion
for red alert 2 Yuri revenge.

This is a private mod that I’m willing to share with all of




\\new units, new game mechanics, unit balance, improved A.I.
new game modes.//

-What is in the mod right now-

# Game mechanics and balance #

0) The mod uses the powerful ARES.dll

1) IFV, Apocalypse, flak truck. Will no longer follow
passing-by Air targets.

2) All refineries and ore purifiers will now give a small
money income.

3) British sniper now has more range and damage.

4) Most units now can enter buildings (except: Yuri prime,
Yuri clone etc, crazy Ivan, Tanya, seal, engineers, and brutes).

5) All side specific unit buildings are now in the same side
etc. NATO, CCCP, Yuri's Forces.

6) No more pink color in players! Pink now it’s black.

7) Black eagles now fly more realistically (need more info),
2 Bombs instead of 1, more speed and lower health.

8) Tank destroyers, Apocalypse Tanks, Battle Fortresses are
now more powerful and expensive.

9) The names of some units are changed.

10) Airborne now delivers 3 seals,1 sniper,1 spy and is
renamed to Spec Ops, Soviet paradrop now drops 30 conscripts, Yuri drops 10
initiates and 2 Yuri clones, allied paradrop sends 10 GI and 5 Guardian GI.

11) You can now select 30 staring units instead of 10.

12) Starting money can be up to 35000 units.

13) Bunker-able buildings now have more range.

14) All sides are merged in 3 separate sides CCCP, NATO and
Yuri's Forces.

Harvesters can now gather gold!!!!! :0

And many other things that I don’t remember right now!!

# New units\Buildings #

1) Battle Bunker, Tank Bunker, Gates, sandbags for every side.

2) Allied Anti-Tank Turret

3) New Soviet Heavy Tank (double barrel), new Allied amx-30
medium Tank, Chinook for all sides.

4) Soviets now have the cosmonaut from the campaign.

# A.I. #

1) The A.I. now is harder! You will encounter vast armies!
You will not survive.

2) A.I. use more defences (in Numbers).

3) A.I. will have better defence capabilities (patrols,
defensive units).

#Visuals and audio #


What will be added:


# Game mechanics and balance #

1) A new faction will be added called “Mercenaries” a
pre-nod side but don’t expect to see nod units.

# New units\Buildings #

1) Medic.

2) Tiberian Dawn buildings as civilian corporation
buildings, (not including refineries or temple of nod or obelisk of light and
stuff like that. It will be like neutral technology aiming to introduce the
Tiberian age but not the Tiberian conflicts or tiberium itself).

3) Sonar Platform (small in size).

4) 3 types of Mines Anti-personnel/Tank/ship.

# A.I. #

1) The A.I. will have its own faction for a more realistic

2) The A.I. will use cloned buildings forbidden on other
factions so it will build more buildings of the same type.

3) Some A.I. units will have auto-acquiring target ON (like
the carrier or dreadnought).

4) Possibility that the A.I. will make transport ships
(hovercrafts) from the war factory.

5) Selecting difficulty names will change to: “Naval AI”,
“Ground AI” and “I DON’T HAVE DECIDED AI”.

6) 3 more sides will be added and they will be the AI sides:
“NATO AI”, “CCCP AI”, and “Yuri’s Forces AI”.

# Visuals and audio #

1) All buildings will have selection sounds.

2) All buildings will have a specific map theme visual like:
dusty (desert theme), vegetation (tempered theme), clean (new urban theme).

3) All infantry will use alternative camouflage depending on
the map theme.

4) All Tanks will use alternative camouflage depending on
the map theme (that will take some time).

5) All anti-air systems will use Lock-In Sound as a
secondary weapon.

6) Submarines will use sonar sound when are in enemy range.


What is to be added (or not) after consideration and/or
research aka Ideas.:


# Game mechanics and balance #

1) Tanks will do splash damage and kill infantry with 1 shot
or 2 (depending on the infantry).

2) Tanks will be more expensive (to avoid a Tank-only game),
lower speed, Slower Turret Turning Rate and be Inaccurate on fast units.

3) Infantry will be unable to destroy Tanks except,

4) Anti-Tank soldiers which will do more damage depending on
their weapon and target.

# New units\Buildings #

# A.I. #

1) A.I. will build transport ships and sent troops on island

#Visuals and audio #

1) Rain and clouds.

2) Exit button in multiplayer screen, skirmish screen.

3) Re-colored Menu.

4) New intro instead of EA intro.

5) Side specific music theme.

6) Smaller units=infantry.


Bottom line:


In this mod you will see many public assets. But I’m not
willing to add stuff that don’t mix with the overall theme or are ugly to be
added. I’m not making a mod to earn fame but to share and hopefully to see
people playing with it.


What you need to play the mod:


* your eyes,

* advanced users maybe need ears too,

* your hands,

* electric power,

* a PC,

* a monitor

* a mouse (dead one) or a rat,

* for advanced users Keyboard!!

* some users will need a back scratcher,

* an umbrella in case you encounter rain,

* a teddy bear that you don’t like, so you can tear it apart
when you lose a game,

* some users confessed that playing a game inside their
house is a better experience. So consider to buy a house to play Red Alert 2
Apolyton unofficial Expansion Pack (R) all trademarks are preserved in the


And now, what you really need:


* Red Alert 2

* Yuri Revenge Expansion Pack

* Yuri Revenge Expansion Pack Patch To 1.001

* Apolyton Unofficial Expansion Pack

* And of course To Be above the age of 18 or any regional
law specific age or,… whatever, you get the point.




Thanks Goes:

+TO ME!! For making this mod.

+TO ARES!!!! For making every thing possible and giving me
the will to continue.

+TO MY BIG BROTHER for testing, correcting my English to
proper English, and for being my brother.

+MY GIRLFRIEND for standing in the corner of my room minding
her own business with out interrupting me.

+MY neighbours for standing in their windows and say stuff
to each other that I cant hear because am to far to hear.

+AND all the public asset artists out there that I have used
their stuff.

I will add their names in time because I have too many
unzipped files in my game folder and I have lost my mind, but I will add them

+THE MOD-DB AND THEIR CREW for being supportive. Because
whenever I make questions they actually answer them!!! And for offering their
hospitality to my mod. I love you mod-db.





You are allowed to open my mix files read copy and reproduce
but you are not allowed to clone my mod. You can use it as a learning base and
after I finish my mod you can upload your own mod version of my mod by using
the name: “RE-Apolyton by (your name)”, by making clear that you have uploaded
a modded version of my mod and finally by adding a link to your mod page
pointing to the original mod.

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