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History, Religious infomation etc. on the Andvari Empire. By Elite222 all rights reserved!

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The Andvari Empire is the antagonist faction of the Evolution mod for Freespace 2. The Andvari have been in space much longer then the humans however their species has existed just as long as humanity.

The Andvari Empire was founded by the ancient Shu bloodline of the Hades desert region back on Andvari Prime. The Shu bloodline or dynasty quickly unitied the entire planet through war or diplomacy. For about 300 years before then the Andvari have been facinated by space and time but never had the chance to expand outward due to constant war. The Shu ended that constant violence (with more violence how ironic) and allowed the Andvari to colonize their solar system 300 years ahead of humanity. The Andvari eventualy lived in peace and prosparity in their own system for 150 years until the invention of slipspace technology allowed the Andvari to expand outward. However only 5 years later the Shu dynasty is overthrown by a ruthless imperal dynasty known as the Anubis Family. Emperor Anubis the I eventualy declared the arrival of a new religion that reconised all emperors of the royal family as gods. While their emperors have neural implants and improvments to their bodly functions outliving most Andvari citizens by 200 years. Since the civilians and lower ranks of the Andvari military did not know this, this eventualy fooled the people of the Andvari Empire to think that their emperors were true gods. However, 100 years after the arrival of the dynasty Emperor Anubis the I died from organ failure when one of the implants failed. His son Anubis the II took power and 50 years ater the Anshari/Andvari war started. Anubis the II lead the Andvari to victory againts the Anshari Republic. The war lasted 20 years until the Anshari were finaly sent the exile. 30 Years later the Andvari went to war with the Shu people. (Irony again huh?) 5 weeks later he Shu were enslaved. Eventualy the Andvari discovered the humans with the Berlin Incident in the Vega System. Starting the events of the UTS/Andvari war.

The Andvari are very similar to the Vasudans from the real Freespace timeline except they are shorter and have weaker bodies. The Andvari invented implants to improve body functions allowing them to be 10x stronger then an average human

The Religion basicly was viewed as the Andvari religion where they viewed their emperors as true gods

Compared to the United Terran Systems the Andvari are much more advanced. The Andvari use radio based Radiation lasers melting through the hulls of "heretic" ships easily. The Andvari also, obviously, been in space much longer than humanity meaning they have more advanced ships and their speed and armor is superior to the UTS. For example, an average Andvari destroyer takes 5 minutes to make a intersystem jump. It takes 20 for a UTS Destroyer. The Andvari also use thermal resistant armor which makes UTS lasers inferior againts their armor until the development of super heatted pulse lasers that helped burn through the metal compound the Andvari were using.

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