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Over the last year, I've been working on a series of short stories set in the world of "Echoes". Essentially, what would be a straightforward story, is now broken up into a series of short stories from different perspectives; all relating to one common event: The eternal night.

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Here is a small piece from one of the short stories "Into The Void".

Someone wrote: Aren stared at the temples in the distance for a moment before turning back to Ecker.
"If not vengeance, what then? How do find a reason to keep fighting; love?" Aren asked.
There was brief pause. Aren almost continued, but stopped himself as Ecker approached him putting his hand on Aren's shoulder. Aren rarely stood stood so close to Ecker, as Ecker was usually not one to allow others into his personal space. He was a reserved man, and an overly cautious man. Up close, Aren thought Ecker looked older than usual.
"No, not love. Love too, unfortunately, can whither away. Yes, it can make a man, but it can also end a man," Ecker broke the silence, "Do not fight for glory, for such vanity will not get you far."
"What, then?" Aren fired back.
"Justice," replied Ecker instantly, "You must fight for justice. She is blind, so be her eyes. Fight for the weak, may your blade be their strength. Fight for those who cannot, for it is the burden all strong men must bear, but so few do."
The temples were now less than a league away. They sat upon the horizon like sleeping giants. Their silhouettes were crude and jagged, yet tall and majestic. No structure built after them ever approached the sheer scale, and Aren wondered how men were able to build such incredible structures.
"For justice, then" Aren replied.

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