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Basic information on the Allied Sniper (Release 5 alpha).

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Name: Sniper
Side: Allies
ERA: Red Alert 2
Base Asset: Westwood (rigged by Black_Drakon)

The Allied Sniper is a tier 2 anti-infantry unit.
There are a few differences if compared to the Tiberium wars sniper, so I will mention the basic characteristics, before going into a detailed explanation.

  1. Not stealthed!
  2. Longest infantry attack range.
  3. Can only attack infantry.
  4. Kills an individual infantry unit in 1 hit!
  5. Is able to attack garrisoned infantry!

While this sniper is not stealthed (1), it attacks at twice the rate-of-fire that the Tiberium wars sniper does (only the sniper, not the spotter).
The primary usage of the sniper is to kill high value infantry targets (especially hero units), and also to kill AA infantry squads. The allied sniper is able to kill commando units in 1 hit! (4) so for high value targets the sniper is no joke!

When it comes to attacking mixed enemy infantry\vehicle groups, the fact that the allied sniper only attacks infantry (3) is a big bonus, because it means that they will not waste shots on vehicles.

As you would expect the allied sniper has the longest infantry attack range (2), this is especially useful because while the sniper attacks at a reasonable rate, it is still very easy for cheap rifle based infantry to overwhelm it.

A completely new ability for the sniper is the ability to hit infantry that are garrisoned in civilian structures (5). The benefit here is that you are able to snipe them from the full range of your rifle. The downside is that you will only kill a single unit at a time (so 3 squads of Conscripts will take a while for a single sniper to get through!).

Spotter upgrade

New for release 8 is the global Spotter upgrade.

This upgrade is purchased at a Airforce Command HQ.
This upgrade adds a spotter (you should be familiar with the spotter from Tiberium wars), which:

  1. Detects stealth.
  2. Provides close range fire support.

This is obviously useful for dealing with larger crowds of units (still be careful of cheap rifle based squads though!), such as the terrorist squads.

When the action gets too close for comfort, you'll be glad that you have a spotter helping you out!

The spotter's marksmen rifle does not have the range (2) or strength of the sniper's rifle, but it fires at a faster rate.
The added stealth detection (1) might well assist you if you are facing the allies (and the hated Phase transport!).

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