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Balance changes, improvements, Upgrades and additions to the Allied faction.

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------------Production Building Upgrades & Revisions--------------

Defense Bureau - Gone Completely

ConYard - Now has Advanced Defense Clearance Upgrade
(Requires Refinery. $3000 and 60sec)

BootCamp/ArmorFacility/AirBase/NavalBase - Have 25% HP bonus under Heightened Clearance

BootCamp/ArmorFacility/AirBase/NavalBase - Have Additional 25% HP bonus under Max Clearance

Spectrum Tower, Chronoshere and Proton Collider - Require Advanced Defense Clearance
(Balances out the time and cost to accesss advanced defenses with other factions)

------------Expansion System Revisions--------------

Prospector can now be built from ConYard defense tab

Command Hub deploy time reduced to 15sec from 30sec
(To help people to actually want to use them to expand)

------------Defense Upgrades & Revisions--------------

Allied Prism Tower health increase to 2000 from 1500
(They are the slowest to build in groups so they should be the most rewarding)

Allied Prism Tower damage increase to 450 from 300
(They are the slowest to build in groups so they should be the most rewarding)

Prism damage type increased in various areas to match Tesla damage type
(Like tesla vs most infantry is 1000% and prism is only 100%)

Allied Prism Tower cost increase to 1500 from 1200
(A better product; a higher price)

------------Production Building Upgrades & Revisions--------------

Airbase now requires Refinery
(Vidicators are still the only tier 1 air-to-ground this just forces more diverse tactics)

------------New and Revised Units--------------

Attack Dog speed on water increased from 75 to 80
Attack Dog cost decreased from 200 to 150

Javelin Soldier cost increased from 300 to 400

Riptide ACV cost increased from 750 to 800

Guardian Tank build time increased from 10sec to 15sec
Guardian Tank cost increased from 950 to 1000

Athena Cannon cost increased from 1400 to 1800

Mirage tank Health increased to 2000 from 500
Mirage Tank cost increased from 1600 to 1800
Mirage Tank build time increased from 15sec to 18sec
Mirage tank range increased to 150 from 125
Heroic Mirage tank range increased from 150 to 175

Dolphin build time reduced from 10sec to 8sec
Dolphin cost reduced from 750 to 600

Hydrofoil cost increased from 900 to 1000

Assault Destoryer cost increased from 1500 to 1800

Apollo ammo count increased from 90 to 120
Apollo with Advanced Aeronautics upgrade damage increased from 20 to 25
(Upgraded Apollo originally had no weapon bonus)

Vindicator cost increased from 1200 to 1500
Vindicator ammo damage increased from 120 to 160
Vindicator with Advanced Aeronautics upgrade ammo count increased from 3 to 4
Vindicator with Advanced Aeronautics upgrade reload time decreased from 7sec to 10sec
(removed load bonus and gave extra bomb)

Cryocoptor cost increased from 1600 to 1800

Century Bomber ammo damage increased from 250 to 400
Century Bomber with Advanced Aeronautics upgrade ammo count decreased from 9 to 6
(removed ammo count bonus but new default damage is more than old upgraded damage)

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