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Complete list of all SWFOC-Revised changes from 1.0 to 1.4. I will update this list so it always represents current development.

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Tactical changes:
- Slower hyperspace-travel for more tactical decisions
- Space unit cap of 30 for the empire and 40 for everyone else
- 10 seconds retreat timer for everyone, retreating units no longer take 4 times more damage -retreating should be a more viable option now
- Higher view distance for units to allow more tactical reactions
- Weather effects have a much stronger impact on the performance of your units now

Changes to income:
- Mining colonies now provide a substantial increase to income making them key positions in galactic conquest, more planets are marked as "mining colonies"
- Much higher planet base income
- New ways to earn credits: Gambling, labour camps (Empire), bonuses
- Credits from bonus objectives increased to encourage completing them

- Streamlined tech-research for longer early-/midgame
- Added the GC-maps from Empire at War for people who want to experience the conflict without Zann-Consortium

- Improved Rock-Paper-Scissors system
- Slightly weaker bombing runs, rebel bombardment buffed
- Massively buffed space stations, but also increased cost to encourage building them on key positions
- Fighter bays for mon calamari cruisers and Ackbar
- More cumbersome, but heavier hitting artillery
- Stronger turbolaser defenses, infantry should not get hit now!
- Superweapons now take longer to build and cost more to justify their power
- Kedable and Krayt capital ships now require a planet capable of producing such vessels

- Faster and better looking projectiles while keeping the original feeling
- Underworld lasers now orange, V-Wing/Venator lasers now blue
- Some units were rescaled to reflect their real size
- Slightly smaller hardpoints
- Infantry killed in action will take much longer to decay now

- New Sounds for many units/projectiles
- For now: Heavy/Light Turbolasers, Large Laser Cannons, AT-AT, AT-ST, Anti-Air, AT-AA, Artillery Fire/Explosion, Droideka, Pulse Cannon, Underworld Turbos, Ioncannons
- Changed main menu theme back to "Imperial March"

Minor changes:
- Categorized new units, build tabs should be less overstuffed now
- Maximum of 50k credits for skirmish battles
- Disabled LucasArts and Petroglyph intro
- Skirmish station/tech upgrades moved to tactical-upgrades; you can now produce units while upgrading your station/teching up
- New/Fixed descriptions for all units
- AT-AT and AT-ST firing now as seen in the movies

New Units/Buildings:

Neutral Buildings:
- Grand Arena (gambling)
- Communications Array
- Uplink Station (Espionage)
- Vehicle Workshop (Unlocks ground attack aircraft)
- Small/Big Orbital Construction Dock (New space units)

Neutral Units:
- Z-95-Headhunter
- V-Wing
- Pirate Fighter
- Pirate Frigate
- Sith Interdictor

- Podwalker
- Swampspeeder

Empire Land:
- Temple of the Dark Side
- Imperial Prison
- TIE-Attacker
- TIE-Ground-Bomber
- TIE-Ground-Interceptor
- Acclamator Invasion Ship
- Stormtrooper Platoon
- Imperial Sniper
- Sith Adept
- Jumptrooper

Empire Space:
- Eclipse-Class-SSD (balanced!)
- Executor-Class-SSD
- TIE-Advanced
- Victor II

Rebel Land:
- X-Wing-Attacker
- Y-Wing-Ground-Bomber
- A-Wing-Ground-Interceptor
- Corellian Assault Corvette

Rebel Space:
- Orbital Jamming Station
- MC80-HomeOne
- Carrack Cruiser
- Venator
- Mandator II

Underworld Land:
- V-Wing-Attacker
- Skipray-Ground-Bomber
- Starviper-Ground-Interceptor
- Crusader Assault Ship

Underworld Space:
- Munificent
- Providence
- Lucrehulk

- MC80, Stormtrooper Platoon, TIE-Advanced and 1.2 legacy unit icons: Mega Icon Pack by Admiral-Ace
- Sith Interdictor, Carrack Cruiser, Victor II, Munificent, Praetor, Providence,
Mandator II and Lucrehulk models: OldRepublic models pack 4.0 by Nomada_Firefox
Thank you for releasing these fantastic icons and models!


You mod seems great! But what you mean exactly for as "seen in the movies"? I read a lot of description of the AT-ST, and the majority states that it has a granade launcher, but none implemented that feature.

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Laskar Author

Thank you very much!

With "seen in the movies" I meant something like that for the AT-AT and for the AT-ST.

I think it might be possible to add a grenade launcher, but that's something for a later version. Btw. version 1.1 isn't available yet as it yet has to be authorized, hope it will be done soon.

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Officially My Favorite Mod. If I Could Rate Higher Would Rate A 12.

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Laskar Author

Glad you like it ;)

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