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GTA IV allows us to exploit a drinking system with side effects (and long-term effects). This article explains how we scripted it so it's realistic. Next feature presentation will be posted when another 30 members will be registered! Stay tuned

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Having a beer with a few friends and drinking without any abuse is alright for most of us. Thus, we decided to keep it “alright” if there’s no abuse. The excitement starts when you abuse alcohol. A very wide range of alcohol beverages will be available everywhere, especially in bars and clubs.

Each of them will have a different percent of alcohol. The more you drink, the more your chances to accidently drop your glass, fall on the ground and drive dangerously increase. There’s also a good chance, if you continue to drink, that you’re going to vomit and eventually fall down in a coma. If you ever fall down in a coma, you’ll be stuck and won’t be able to move from the ground. If you’re lucky, someone will be with you and will call an ambulance so you get back on foot faster. If not, then, you’re going to have to wait.

Now most of you will start and say, “If I roleplay that my character’s been drinking his whole life so there’s less effect when he drinks alcohol” - I totally agree. That’s why we developed a dependence system. If you drink very often, the ‘drunk effects’ will be smaller - though, you may develop a dependence to alcohol. You will be strongly recommended to drink alcohol or you’ll go crazy.

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