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Some of the mod features: new tribes names, new wonders rules, new effects, new unit icons, new buildings graphics.

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As it's thinked as a modern age (WW2) mod some tribes are changed:

- persians.xml - finland - axis - 5 Eindian
- dutch.xml - netherlands
- eindians.xml - india - 5 Eindian
- americans.xml - united states of america
- lakota.xml - Manchukuo - axis - 4 Iroquois
- iroquois.xml - canada - 4 Iroquois
- mongols.xml - poland - 3 Asian
- koreans.xml - new zealand - 3 Asian
- japanese.xml - imperial empire of japan - axis- 3 Asian
- chinese.xml - republic of china - 3 Asian
- russians.xml - soviet union
- germans.xml - nazi germany - axis
- british.xml - united kingdom of great britain
- french.xml - france
- spanish.xml - spain - axis
- turks.xml - turkey
- egyptians.xml - egypt - 1 Arab
- romans.xml - italy - axis
- greeks.xml - greece
- nubians.xml - hungary - axis - 1 Arab
- bantu.xml - south africa - 1 Arab
- inca.xml - romania - axis - 2 American
- maya.xml - australia - 2 American
- aztecs.xml - brazil - 2 American

- Wonders build age are based on historical accuracy and are restricted based on nation:
Great Pyramid (Classical Age): Egyptians, South Africa.
Colossus (Classical Age): Italy, Greece.
Hanging Gardens (Classical Age): Finland, Romania.
Terra Cotta Army (Medieval Age): Poland, China.
Colosseum (Classical Age): Italy.
Forbidden City (Medieval Age): Japanese, China.
Temple of Tikal (Classical Age): Australia, Brazil.
Porcelain Tower (Medieval Age): New Zealand, China.
Red Fort (Gunpowder Age): Finland, India, Poland.
Angkor Wat (Medieval Age): India.
Versailles (Enlightenment Age): Netherlands, France.
Statue of Liberty (Industrial Age): America.
Kremlin (Industrial Age): Soviet Union.
Taj Mahal (Gunpowder Age): Finland, India.
Eiffel Tower (Industrial Age): France.
Supercollider (Information Age): All
Space Program (Information Age): All
El Dorado (Medieval Age--not fully implemented): Romania.
Washington Monument (Enlightenment Age): America.
Statue of Lenin (Industrial Age): Soviet Union.
Courtyard Fountain (Gunpowder Age): All except Soviet Union and America.

Realistic ordinance system adapted from uthum876 WW3 mod. Explosive ammunition are more realistic.

151 new unit icons splitted in the three iface_units files and they can be used outside the mod without seeing any change!

New Buildings:
- Armor plant to create: Tank Destroyers, Assault Guns, and other vehicle units.
- Autoplant now creates: 1 Armored car, 2 Medium tanks, 1 Heavy tank, 1 Armored Personnel Carrier.
- 3 more bunkers what need to be garrisoned to fire.
- German can build atlanticwall bunkers.
- office and house building that act as tower (and can be garrisoned!).
- monuments that give wonder points.

new buildings graphics:
- modern age missile silo has a V2 launch ramp graph.
- information age missile silo has a Valdemar graph.
- barracks and autoplant graphs for european.
- barracks + snowy graphs for mediterrean.
- barracks + snowy graphs for colonial.
- autoplant + snowy graphs for colonial.
- snowy graphs for all other barracks, airbases and autoplants.
- airbase industrial age + snow graph, for all nations.

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