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Build your base, unlock technologies, craft tool and weapon, trade, raid enemy base, and survive.

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Adventure Survival, experience the true desperation. Scavenge, build and fight. A true ultimate survival sim. Test your strategy mind.

Play as survivor who arrived to unknown zone. Explore beautiful and dangerous open world. Try to survive, fight enemies and scavenge for food, weapon and ammo. Survive at all cost.

Endless survival gameplay with limited resource. You are not the hero, fight only if your life depends on it.


You can place a campfire and do some camping survival. But that won’t be enough. The zone is a hostile world with predator and bandit lurking on every corner. Your character will slowly succumb to hunger and injuries if you don’t have a place to consolidate your strength. Luckily you can build structure that will shield you from external threat. Be wary though enemies can still destroy your buildings.

Base is essential in your survival as you need to research and craft on workbench. Those need to be built and protected from threat.

Upgrade your base from wood to stone. And from stone to metal. So enemies will have harder time destroying your building. Also build in accordance of law of physics. If you build too far from support, it will crumble.


Unlock new workbenches, add some buff to your stat, upgrade your weapon and tools, fortify you base with better materials and build sophisticated defences. All can be obtained by researching technologies with research bench. You will need varied material to unlock each technology. Depend on what technology you want to obtain.


Manufacture tools and weapon from raw materials. Metal ore need to be smelted before used in crafting workbench. Some items need particular workbenches to be crafted.


You may have some resource surplus. It would be nice if you trade it with other items like tools and weapon. Go to trade outpost and do some trading. The trade favor more often than not will be against you due to expensive buy rate and low sell rate. So be wise on your trade.


Currently there are 2 factions : militia and bandit. Bandit will shoot you on sight. Militia will shoot you if you harm them. Their member will roam across the map. You may find some of them simply patrolling, fighting monster and fighting each other.

You will encounter some faction bases, tower and settlement. Inside the bandit base, there is extraordinary loot. You will have to fight your way in to raid those.


Life is never been harder in the zone. At day, predators roaming and attacking any living thing including you. At night, its worse. Abominations come out and hunt anyone. Just spend the night in your base or take shelter on the trading hub.


You will perish if you starve. This game offers wilderness survival element. There is some plant you can forage and hunting animals. Other than 2, you can trade for food with marked up price.

This survival game is still in development phase so there may be bugs present. Please feel free to contact me when you find bug or you have a good suggestion about some feature.

Currently Adventure Survival only available on Googleplay. The game will enter PC Market (steam etc) once the game get polished more.

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