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Below are the updates added to the 1.2 MOD Release

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Additions Made in the 1.2 Update

  • Atleast 6 new guns and 4 new turrets for all NPC factions in-game. This addition of 360+
    weapons brings the cumulative total to 900+ different weapons in-game!
  • 144 new non-faction specific shield defeating gun variants to fit every single load-out combination imaginable with respect to speed, range and re-fire; for a total of 216 shield killing guns.
  • 5 new Race pods for players to use at the racetracks located in the Green Zone
  • 12 new player flyable ships ranging from fighters to freighters
  • 7 new systems for player clans/factions to discover, claim, and construct infrastructure
  • New missile balance with 9 new missile types
  • 40-50 new and interesting commodities
  • A total overhaul of the trading economy, I assure you this is one of the best balanced economies in any Freelancer mod.
  • Overhauled all item icons. Over 96 new commodity and equipment icons unseen in any other Freelancer mod have been added.
  • New dense asteroids that can be mined by larger mining ships for more profit than regular asteroids.
  • Miners Rebalanced some can mount the new Heavy Duty Mining Lasers
  • Light Bomber Ships rebalanced (to facilitate implementation of capital ships)
  • More powerful Thrust Interceptors
  • Higher Mission Payouts
  • Overhaul of all encounters and patrols in-game, expect tougher enemies
  • Tougher and more powerful bases
  • Racer specific equipment for maximum adrenaline rushes in the racetrack
  • Extensive changes to Reputation between NPC factions and Empathy effects which are determined by player actions
  • Player flyable Nomads (we originally had to remove player access to the Nomads in the initial release due to some unforeseen balancing issues)
  • Player Nomad Regenerating Armor
  • Buyable Scanners
  • New ID Cards (Generic Lawful, Generic Unlawful, and Nomad Cult)
  • Increased Visual range of Bases, and other solar objects
  • New ALE FX
  • New Fuse effects for damaged stations
  • Dynamic lighting for weapon projectiles
  • Awesome music score which creates a new feel and immersive environment
  • and much more...
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