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The basic version of the game include two modes: Token Mode - time limited gameplay, where Players fight for survival and golden coins. Sandbox - gameplay in the open world of the Failed State, where Player directs his own fate.

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Sandbox is a mode in which Players will play as civilians and have to find themselves in the conditions of the Failed State. Surrounding environment is interactive, and its fate is in Players hands. Each Player will decide whether he want to remain neutral, help rebuild country or destroy it. Other Players, AI or physical needs may thwart their plans.Main features:

  • Open world - based on real locations.
  • Scaled servers - this solution will help in balancing number of Players to map size.

  • Complex weather system - Cycle of day/night, seasons and weather conditions.
  • Character development - development is based on the time spent in the game that allows Player to develop his character stats.

  • Characters health parameters - system consists of four statistics which affect each other depicting overall state of health of the character.
  • Characters health parameters - system consists of four statistics which affect each other depicting overall state of health of the character.

  • Character skills - only thing that remains after death of character

  • Crafting system - Player will be able to create items, that will help him survive.
  • Traps - this system will allow Player to create his own, sophisticated traps.

  • Shelters, stashes and fortifications - upgrading of existing infrastructure, creating ne stashes and fortifications.
  • Vehicle upgrades - vehicles can be armed or changed into mobile bases.
  • Random item respawn points - Players won't focus on single parts of map anymore.
  • Quests - made by Players or A.I. Factions.
  • Interaction between Players system - founding clans, area takeovers for Factions.

  • Reputation system - Player may be neutral or join one of two available Factions, be bandit or hero.
  • Nothing is eternal - Players actions, weather and time itself will have impact on items in game world.
  • Strategic points - game world will be divided into sectors containing strategic buildings which technical condition will have impact on survival difficulty level in the area.

Token Game Mode is an e-sport mode created for both single Player and teams. Players will together start on the arena without any gear. At the beginning they will be equipped with compass and map only, the latter which will contain marks of Token drop points. Coins will be dropped at fixed intervals. Player who gain all Coins before time runs up or is the last man standing will be declared the winner.

Main features:

  • Various maps
  • Limited time
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Changing weather conditions
  • Day/night cycle
  • Random item respawn
  • Trap – making system
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