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Still looking for a new survival horror game for Halloween? Check out our latest anticipated survival-horror game, Hegis' Grasp!

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You may remember the demo of our survival horror game "Captive in Devil's Village" from last year's Halloween. Our decision was to spend another year working on this project to improve every aspect of it.

Now the time has come to let you experience the result!

Introducing: Hegis' Grasp

1896, Great Britain: Henry Wood, a journalist who heard rumours of a village, that supposedly had undergone a curse, gets curious enough to check out the place for his latest anticipated newspaper story. Bringing Jacob, his nephew, coach boy, and intern journalist, and his friend and escort, Lieutenant Samuel Miller, on his trip to Hegis in order to uncover the truth.
However, he soon finds this to be a mistake and that he put his companions and himself in grave danger!

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screen 1920x1080 2017 07 24 10 2

screen 1920x1080 2017 07 24 10 5 1

screen 1920x1080 2017 07 24 10 5

screen 1920x1080 2017 07 24 10 3

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