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A In Depth look on the game play, and features of the Game State of Grey

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Hello everyone! Here we will be discussing a few of the fun in game features that we hope to show you within the next week or so, Along with a few more in depth additions to our storyline!

First off let me take a more in depth look at our Newest feature "State of Grey" this is a status when the screen falls to a darkish Grey color (Obviously)

-What causes this Status?
>The Status is caused by 3 of the 4 mechanics falling to the "gone" status, You could go an entire play through without once going into a state of grey.

-What happens?
>During a State of Grey, as stated above the screen falls a darkish Grey, you will begin to hear things, your screen will begin to blur in an out, it will shake, and flash rapidly (only white), your character will begin to see things (This symptom is still in discussion), and he will move at a slowed rate. (More may or may not be added)

-How would I leave this status?
>Well, you can wait it out. After some time a Mental (Character mental) puzzle will be solvable, Which will raise the 3 mechanics to the "Low" status and you will leave the State of Grey after instantly upon completing this puzzle.
>Another method to leave the state of grey status is to simply drink a potion (No we have not given them names yet) to increase 1 of the 3 "Gone" Parameters and after 10 seconds you will leave the state of grey.
If You have any questions of this feature please post your questions below!

>>The next Feature that is begin built (We still need the animation!) is the consequence of the Tendency Parameter dropping and staying in "Gone" for a while, this parameter measures how hard your character is able to resist the temptations of the Curse to convince him to kill himself, and ultimately if this parameter drops and stays dropped, your character will fall to the Curses monster called "Mind Game" and will "Unnaturally" Commit suicide. Thus, giving you a game over. <<
Again, more will be expressed on this feature later but we are more than happy to answer any questions on it.

>The last feature I would like to introduce here is the (Still in idea construction but here's a sneak peak) Psychopath and Stability Feature. Have you played Fable? Or perhaps Fallout? Or Star Wars the Old Republic? Well the concept of this idea is very similar to these, The higher your psychopath the different your chat options will be, Your actions, and so fourth. To the straight up point where you can do some very very insane things. Be the killer you always wanted to be. Now Stability is the "Good" of the game, the more stable your character is, the better he handles other situations, once again, affecting your chat, actions, and so fourth. Both paths lead to opposite game endings, and of course there is still the option to be completely neutral. The choices and game play style are completely up to you!

As I promised I will go a little more in depth with the storyline behind state of grey!

Eric a young and inspiring author in his Thirties whom falls into a drinking problem, he gets so drunk that one night, he betrays the love of his life. She does not falter so easily, being the proud and strong woman she deems herself to be, she then plans her revenge. Revenge she gets, but at what cost? Her masked man soon never again lets her see the sun. As her torment progresses, her hatred grows, her hatred for one man, her beloved that tore away her heart. The man is soon finished and fed up with this woman, and she is slain, full of hatred and full of sorrow. Soon Eric's Pen Cursed by the hatred of his lost wife, and the sorrow, grief, and anger of himself. It flows to paper like blood, creating monsters only of his lost emotion. The curse spreads through the pages like wildfire, bringing the writing to a dark and horrid life. Soon Eric stops his writings, he stops and tries to get help for his drinking, but only to have passed on his book to others for reviews. Soon, bodies of mutilated and unrecognizable people begin to show up, all with one thing in common... Eric's unfinished novel... The walls have writing in blood on them. Things like "Finish... Me" , "I, will find you..." and "Endings" The curse has brought its life to the reality we all live in... It now hunts for it's creator, it wants its story told... It wants to be finished.

Well! That's more depth, I would give you more. BUT you'll just have to play the game to find out the rest! I hope you guys find this enjoyable! Leave me some ideas! Give me your view on things, I love feedback! It always helps!

While your on that, find us on Facebook and Twitter! We post a LOT of quick updates and Small tweaks AND NEWS! on these two sites (Stuff we don't think is enough to post a full article on here) See you around! Remember, Stay classy!

~Dustin from Skyline Interactive

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