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So here's that feature article I promised you. Right now it's only a list of heroes, which are the main feature of our mod.

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So to put it plain and simple, here are the Rebel heroes.

Rebel Alliance:

Bail Organa-Commands "Tantive IV".
Captain Antilles-Now land hero as well as space.
Tani Ab'lya-Land hero.
Kyle Katarn-Now in GC. Also commands Moldy Crow in space. (Possibly will become dual team with Jan Ors)
General Jan Dodonna-Financial hero. May soon become land and space hero.
Wraith Squadron-Space hero. More like Red Squadron.
Leia Organa-Land and Space hero. Command "Rebel Dream" in Space.
Lando Calrissian-Land and Space hero. Commands "Lady Luck" in space.
Wicket W. Warrick- Land hero.
Dash Rendar-Land and Space hero. Commands "Outrider" in space.
Airen Cracken-Land and Space hero. Commands his Z95 in space.
Booster Terrick-Commands "Errant Venture".
Clighal-Land hero.
Corran Horn- Flies his X-wing in space.
Ponc Gavrisom-Financial hero.
Talon Karrde-Commands "The Wild Karrde".

There will be other Rebel Heroes but now it is time for the Empire.

Galactic Empire:

Captain Lennox-Commands the "Tyranny".
Captain Needa-Commands the "Avenger".
Captain Pellaeon-Commands the "Chimaera".
Captain Ozzel-Commands the "Reprisal".
Grand Admiral Zaarin-Commands the "Glory".
Grand Moff Tarkin-Commands the "Executrix".
Admiral Piett-Now commands the Executor.
Darth Vader- Now commands his Tie Advanced.
Blackhole-Commands the "Singularity".
Grand Admiral Thrawn-Now a ground unit as well.
High Inquisitor Tremayne- Land hero. (Finally)
Ysanne Isard-Commands "Lusankya".
Admiral Daala-Commands the "Gorgon".
Admiral Zsinj- Commands the "Iron Fist"
501st Legion-Land hero.
Imperial Squad- Now what would the mod be without some form of Delta Squad?
Moff Jerjerrod- Undecided.
Saber Squadron- Space hero, Tie Interceptor squadron.
Mara Jade- Now in GC and with a lightsaber!
Brakiss- Land hero.
Jerec- Land and Space hero, commands "Vengeance".
Desann and Tavion-Dual team, similar to Han and Chewie.

Again, there will be other heroes for the Galactic Empire. But now for the Zann Consortium...
Which will be another article. I don't have the time to go into the Consortium, and I wanna hype up some excitement! So stay tuned.

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