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Here is a summary of some of the features (mechanics/gameplay) we plan on implementing before release.

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Don't we have enough indie games releasing on early access?

After all, while there is a foundation in most early access games, there is only but a promise that the foundation will construct itself and become a building, which can stand on its own. We at E5 Games however, want our promise to transcend the recent trend set by some developers. We want to guarantee the features we propose to our supporters, meaning we won't release our game until we feel its a "building" which can stand on its own, and not just a foundation.

Though right now we can only give you vague details (They are already being developed/planned out), of features which throughout development will blossom into the detailed mechanics that they are meant to be,
we just want to share with you some of the features/aspects we have really thought about.

- Unique Hiding/Stealth physics:

After much discussion and planning we're hoping to blow out all previous hiding mechanics out the window. With the wide variety of stealth tactics to use in "Alone" we'll ensure that there is no formularized way to escape an enemy.

- AI Detection:

Imagine an AI that can do more than just see, that's what we're hoping to achieve. We'll have you more than just worrying about if you are visible to the creatures that prowl the area of Meadow Brook Falls.

- Ambience:

Aren't we all tired of the typical grey and brown map design? Don't we want a more colorful ambience? You'd be surprised at what Alone will have in store for you.

- Map:

Don't invisible walls, and other unnatural map boundaries make the games map seem artificial? Well we're sure Alone's method is creepy and won't seem in the least bit artificial.

- Open World:

It's no secret that a lot of horror games are set up to be very linear. Well, we plan to have scares waiting for you in all directions.

-Day/Night Cycles:

While you'll likely be sleeping during the day and seeking out all of Meadow Brook Fall's paranormal beings during the night we didn't want to limit our players in their decision making. But hey, who said it would be any safer to roam the Meadow Brook Falls during the day!

Dynamic Weather:

Yes Alone will have dynamic weather which isn't that special given that it's developed with CE. But we've brainstormed a few tweaks that will hopefully spice up the meaning of dynamic weather.

Adrenaline junkies should prepare themselves!

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