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Well the third custom character has been imported. Since he was so fat, he was forceably rigged, and of course rigged wrong. Well at least his texture looks ok. This is the type of class that will require also a different Physics collision model. NPCS News: Well there is a new rebuild zombie (still broken[probably a qc problem], but looks cool). and sounds for NPCs for half-life 2 are now working. Giving some more look into sounds and modeling for the zombies also. Will add features in Future

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Game Mode for NPCs

  • Free For All - All NPCS kill each other
  • NPCs Halflife style - Zombies don't attack zombies, combines don't attack combines, but attack each other.
  • All Against Players

Game Modes For Players

  • Death Match
  • Team Death Match
  • CTF
  • Conquest - Vehicles - Control Points (like in Battle Field or Unreal 3)
  • Zombie Apocoplse - Teams with Random NPC Spawn
  • RPG - World with Changelevel and a Big End database doing Item Server
  • Maybe more?

Game Features

  • Item Server - Like in Mafia Wars or TF2 or Wow
  • Achievements
  • Different Bullet Types
  • Weapon Add ons
  • Vehicles with Add On Items/Weapons/Upgrades
  • Class based Vehicle/Mounts
  • Ranking System?
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