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1on1 Features a unique gamestyle of Close-Quaters gameplay with smaller maps. Points are awarded for killing mates or enemies.

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  • All new weapon combinations in kits
  • New Levels that have been close combated to an appropriate size
  • New music for menu, load-New map, Plank battle, worlds smallest map
  • Lots of unique weapons, some which are only found online
  • No vehicles-Improved soldiers phyics faster, jump higher, jump longer, shoot and jump, prone in water, skydive and shoot, (1on1 Physics given to SWOF mod)
  • Up to date maps, such as Blue Pearl and Road Rage-Hidden Sniper added to MEC/China/Spetsnaz kits
  • RPC4, the Rocket Propelled C4 launcher (for now it is left in but i may replace with grenades cause of cheapness :) )
  • Up to 8 items per kit, tried to leaving absolutly no blanks
  • No parachute, makes Plank Battle fun to fly down killing each other
  • Bot Support, though u must play with bots from create local until new release when more maps are added to SP
  • New logos and whatnot-No commander or Squads (may place squads back in)
  • Bot supported maps with all sizes (Even Blue Pearl and Wake)All these changes make the game sort of like COD4 style deathmatch.
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