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List of nations replacing the original game tribes, list of wonders and buildings, new government and research rules and units categories in game.

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1939-1945 Second Great War
Mod by WW2 Team: Nicola, a.k.a "Nikox", Wadis10, Army of One, the Great Valdemar, Scorch6294, Edilberto, Coldwar Warrior.

Version: 1.7 BETA TEST only for RoN: Thrones and Patriots

%%%%% MOD FEATURES %%%%%%:
All ages are available as years:
- 1939 (ancient age)
- 1940 (classical age)
- 1941 (Medieval Age)
- 1942 (Gunpowder Age)
- 1943 (Enlightenment Age)
- 1944 (Industrial Age)
- 1945 (Modern Age)
- 194? (ipotetical year with the developement of secret weapons what have never seen combat times as war ended earlier)

Unique units will be the units created at Secret Weapons building.

Set new tribes countries:
- persians.xml - finland - axis - 5 Eindian
- dutch.xml - netherlands
- eindians.xml - British India - 5 Eindian
- americans.xml - united states of america
- lakota.xml - Kingdom of Bulgaria - axis - 4 Iroquois
- iroquois.xml - canada - 4 Iroquois
- mongols.xml - poland - 3 Asian
- koreans.xml - new zealand - 3 Asian
- japanese.xml - imperial empire of japan - axis- 3 Asian
- chinese.xml - republic of china - 3 Asian
- russians.xml - soviet union
- germans.xml - nazi germany - axis
- british.xml - united kingdom of great britain
- french.xml - france
- spanish.xml - Kingdom of Yugoslavia
- turks.xml - Neutral Nation
- egyptians.xml - egypt - 1 Arab
- romans.xml - Kingdom of Italy - axis
- greeks.xml - Scandinavia
- nubians.xml - hungary - axis - 1 Arab
- bantu.xml - south africa - 1 Arab
- inca.xml - romania - axis - 2 American
- maya.xml - australia - 2 American
- aztecs.xml - brazil - 2 American

- Wonders are restricted based on nation:
Great Pyramid 1939 Age: Egypt.
Stock Exchange (replace Colossus) 1939 Age: USA.
Royal Society Academy (replace Hanging Gardens) 1939 Age: United Kingdom.
Super Infantry Base (replace Terra Cotta Army) 1941 Age: Japan.
Colosseum 1939 Age: Italy.
Forbidden City 1939 Age: China.
Vatican (replace Temple of Tikal) 1939 Age: Italy.
Statue of Liberty (replace Porcelain Tower) 1939 Age: USA.
Fortress Holland (replace Red Fort) 1939 Age: Nederlands.
Reichstag (replace Angkor Wat) 1939 Age: Germany.
Versailles 1939 Age: France.
SuperAirDefense (replace Statue of Liberty) 1939 Age: United Kingdom.
Kremlin 1939 Age: Soviet Union.
Taj Mahal 1939 Age: India.
Eiffel Tower 1939 Age: France.
Science Institute (replace Supercollider) 1945 Age: All
V-2 Program (replace Space Program) 1945 Age: Germany.
Washington Monument 1939 Age with 1 civic level: USA.
Statue of Lenin 1939 Age with 2 civic level: Soviet Union.
Courtyard Fountain 1939 Age with 1 civic level: All except Soviet Union and USA.

More units for all 24 civs:
- infantry built at barracks, war academy (ally), combat training camp (axis), Marines are created at Shipyard (only for nations who had a marine infantry), recruitment office (Germany).
- mech units built at autoplant:
(armored cars, tanks and Armored Personnel Carriers)
- mech units built at armor plant:
(Tank Destroyers, Assault Guns, Extra Tanks)
- mech units are available at the year(age) the serial production started.
- categories of artillery units built at siege factory:
Field guns, Self-propelled guns, infantry mortars + flakguns and supply wagons.
- airbase creates fighters, bombers and Dive Bombers.
- helicopters, not fully implemented, right now only recon helicopters are available.
- Navy categories available at the same time: destroyers, cruisers and battleships.
- Submarines are just for Germany and USA, all other civs have PT Boats.
- Aircraft Carriers only for USA, United Kingdom and Japan.

Changed governments rules at the Senate:
- Every country has limited governments choices reflecting their status during WW2.

Changed research rules at the Library:
- except done for civic all other level research are limited by the age reached.
For example: you cannot research the military level "Nations-in-arms" before you reached the 1945 Age.

Realistic ordinance system adapted from uthum876 WW3 mod. Explosive ammunition are more realistic.

151 new icons splitted in the three iface_units files and they can be used outside the mod without seeing any change!

New Buildings:

- Armor plant.
- War Academy.
- Combat Training camp.
- Recruitment Office (Only for Germans).
- Police station.
- bunkers what can be garrisoned (Germans can build atlanticwall bunkers only after 1940).
- office and house building that act as tower and can fire only if garrisoned. - Not garrisonable office and house buildings to confuse the enemy. - monuments that give wonder points.

- Minefields

- The Secret Weapons building (only for: Germany, Japan, Soviet Union, USA).


why doesnt have yugoslavia in this mod

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NickoX Author

Hi harismekic,
we're thinking to add the kingdom of yugoslavia, but we need information on its army (weapons, units, uniforms etc.), Would you like to help us in it?

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wheres philipines? you should add it cause they are the one who fight with the americans in 1940s

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come on guys, you don't expect him to include EVERY SINGLE country that fought in world war II, do you?

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nope because the philippines were controlled by the americans in the start of world war 2 and their equipment were either outdated or hand-me-downs from the american military,such as the phil. air corps p-26 peashooter aircraft.

ps, pinoy din ako (:

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NickoX Author

Hi Guest,
sorry for the delay, but I'm not checking this section often.
Next time post your message in the main page pls!
The kingdom of Yugoslavia has been added at the last minute and it's not developed in the 1.6 version, sorry for the mistakes!
I don't know how much resources we can use for it in future, the game has a fixed number of units and is impossible to add new ones, we can just replace the existing units.
More than this the Yugoslavian are replacing the Spanish and this tribe is currently using the default unit camo, so even if it will share more units with other countries (eg. the sherman) it will have the main country camo (US in the sherman case).
Thanks for the hints and next time log in and use your nickname instead to post as guest, pls!

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