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Zone of Alienation mod, version 1.07, entirely new mod version built on top of the previous patches. Includes new weapons, a somewhat more fleshed-out medical system, weather schemes from SWTC, changed blowouts, randomized NPC weapon spawns with weighted condition sets, and more.

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Zone of Alienation mod, version 1.07, changes made:

Changed medkits, instead of healing the player they spawn sub-medkit items in the player's inventory, which can then be used to heal. This of course has problems, like NPCs not being able to be healed by the player's medkits, if you gave them antiseptics they might come out a wounded state.

Numerous changes were made to the AI, merging in Rulix's AI with the version of xstream's that the mod currently uses, it's still somewhat buggy and grenades only seem to explode after the player saves, but I'm working on that.

In addition to changes to the AI I made changes to NPC perception, It is now harder for them to see you in the dark, and they don't have the hivemind radar that they used to have, i.e. no seeing you through walls. Enemies might seem a little dumb to people who are used to them auto-detecting them, but it's not like LURK where they could be right on top of you in the dark and not see you.

Wounding has been altered too, so when NPCs bleed out they can enter a wounded state at a much higher threshold than they used to, the default was 10% health, right now it's about 38-40% health. This also seems to make many NPCs die faster when bleeding to death, as some simply skip the impaired state and croak, on the bright side, it does make the starting guns more effective.

Added about 40 new weapons from LEGENDARY, and changed many of the existing weapon sounds to the ones used in that mod.

Changed many of the weapons that spawn on NPCs so that they spawn with a randomized cue of weapons in varying conditions, as well as having a modified death_manager.script that treats drop condition differently depending on faction.

A repair kit mod has been added (NGC repair kits), they don't repair weapons to a full state, and they don't drop often either, but repair kits are here.

Backpacks and GPS locators also spawn on some NPCs now.

Trader profit margins for repairing stuff is also much higher, many guns cost quite a lot of rubles to repair, and you can't really exploit the system by repairing weapons to sell them, because of the way the economy is balanced, i.e. guns don't cost much outside of traders, because guns are in low demand, due to the Zone being flooded with them, but ammo, artifacts, detectors, and info are all in high demand.

Most of the body armor in the game has twice the level of durability that it used to have, it doesn't break in seconds now, and can be repaired with repair kits. SEVA and Scientist suit have unchanged durability values. The problem with the SEVA is not its body armor, but integrity of the suit's seal that gives it such a high durability penalty.

Changes were made to most of the weapon recoil in the game, many weapons now have a faster return time, though it is balanced in the same manner as the old system, but both the player's recoil, and the NPCs recoil return time is faster. For NPCs it is balanced as being even quicker than that of the player so that they correct their aim without staring at the sky.

Added flash drives containing all the recipe infos, There are 20 different types, and most of them have 2 spawns, 1 on an NPC, and another hidden in a stash.

Added faction change and reset, a new ui, inventory, and weather system has now been fixed with new blowout textures. There is also a slower blowout interval, this last fix appears to slow down mutant spawns.

== Mods included in ZoA 1.07 ==

Weathers and skyboxes from Stalker weather total conversion, SWTC. - VincentVega
Dynamic Shaders 1.1 beta. - Meltac
Around 40 weapons from LEGENDARY/Arsenal RC3 - Majorsoft
NGC repair kit mod. - Autologic
Rulix's AI additions, AMK mod port. - Rulix aka Bak
Kaidonni's COP-inspired inventory - Kaidonni
Artifact detectors - Singapur22

Special thanks:
Piznut, (now a member of the team)

If I forgot anyone else, please PM me.

-April 2013, FatalFunnel.

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