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These would be the games that fallows the events centred on Crack.

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Thomas Over there,

This is my concept for my adventure click and point games set in Crack Universe. Suresly, The game centers on Trio and his Best friend Hando San (Until he joins the next game) in the quests of: Searching for the treasure, Saving his citizens from pseudo-self aliens, save the Wonderland, travel in time, and discover the secrets of world in XIX Century. That's right, the games that were are ready to plan, It's gotta be ready soon to start the development, So let's say what the games would include:

Crack Adventures: The Treasure of Captain O'Reily - The game sets in mysterious island of natives (after you crash on the shipwreck, due to storm on the sea), where the main characters, Crack, Doroia and Bluey as they must find a treasure written on the map. However, In the game involves the quest involving, Skills, Puzzles.

Crack Adventures: Forbbiden Alien - The game continues shortly after the previous game, The mysterious UFOs kiddnap the Citizens, But was not only Clancy. They're Ducktators, They build a mysterious Duck-like space station that can destroy planets and really hard to destroy it. It is Protected by the defense beam (Indeer) and by Code (Surakis). Only had to to is built the spaceship and fallow them where they going to.

Crack Adventures: The Wonderland - Continues shortly after Forbbiden Alien, The Trio gets abducted into mysterious book. The game starts in the forest where you must fallow the white rabbit until you reach the white space where you find the secret door and the mirror. However, beyond the book the player controls Hando san, in order to build the machine to get into the book. Crack has only choice return home or save the wonderland. However the choice for return home was gone due to unknown way.

Crack Adventures: Back to the Pest - Continues shortly after The Wonderland, the game begins in Japantown outhouse. They plan to build a time machine. However, rest of parts are underwater and only way was to unplug the plug from the river to reval the time hole. In the game these eras included: Prehistory, Medieval, Ancient Egypt, The Future and at end of the game... XIX and XX Centuries as they get stuck due for their time machine was destroyed by the steam train.

Crack Adventures: Around the world in XIX Days - While their time machine was destroyed by the train, Trio and Hando san were worried to return home. They decied to find the resort hotel. Meanwhile in the steamboat, but Crack stanted on the beak of the ship but gets fall on the sea but he says he can swim but unfortunately Crack gets abducted by the mysterious submarine. In the beginning of the gameplay, the player controls Hando alone with Bluey and Doroia... and later Crack rejoins to be center character.

And my last thing for spin-offs, Crack in Action would include 6 six games based on previous titles.

  • Daffy Duck - Since The Forbidden Alien, he is potrayed as the Ducktator (Who is the antagonist and later a major charactor), and later in Around the World in XIX Days as Sherlock S'holmes.
  • Chadgi - Introduces herself in Crack adventures in Forbidden Alien, She's a close cousin to Crack and Hando's love interest. Chadgi is a black-hooded girl of Indian-Arabic descent.

More soon...


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