Xash3D is a custom Gold Source build from a scratch. Xash3D overcomes obsolete Gold Source engine's limits and provides for you a new quality of gaming experience and modmaking capabilities, for example: higher limits for bsp-models, studiomodels scaling, realistic values of lighting on server side, entity patch technology support, support of additional map types, support of precaching "on the fly", support for using real HD-textures (up to 4096 x 4096 px) for maps, models, sprites and decals in any played mod and many other features...

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Greetings! This spring brings to us another double update of Xash3D Engine and Xash Mod, they are both already awaiting for you in Downloads section :)

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Greetings! This spring brings to us another double update of Xash3D Engine and XashXT, they are both already awaiting for you in Downloads section :)

Both Xash3D Engine and XashXT have been significantly updated, including different bug fixes, improvements and new features. Now there are final versions:

Xash3D Engine v0.96, build 2664 (with extras)
Xash3D Engine v0.96, build 2636 (with extras)

XashXT v0.65 rev.1 (Xash3D mod & toolkit)
XashXT v0.65 (Xash3D mod & toolkit)

Xash3D Engine, build 2664 (final) changelog:

Engine: restored right ordering of arguments for SV_StudioSetupBones export
Render: some cosmetic changes in RenderAPI
Client: added levelshots for background demos
Client: now 'startdemos' command (in valve.rc file, e.g.) invokes to play demos' sequence in a background of the game menu
Client: increased demos' auto-naming from 100 up to 10000
Client: fixed a bug with inverted PITCH for non-local playermodel
Client: added FireCustomDecal into EfxAPI (was missed)
GameUI: fixed some crash issues after exiting from background map to the normal game menu (like a call of trigger_endsection)
Client: eliminated a muzzleflash's copy from mirror reflection in first person view
Render: fixed a bug with max_texture_units clamping
Render: completely removed glScissor calls (just unused)
Render: updated a thirdperson code for mirrors
Render: rewritten a viewport setup code
Render: fixed software gamma adjustment bug with a flashlight enabled
Render: added a warning message and resetting of vid_displayfrequency if current value is not supported by user's display
Engine: added a new parameter for gameinfo.txt which is called soundclip_dist (a distance of ambient sounds' clipping for the player). The default value is 1000.
Sound: added 'playvol' command (like in GoldSrc)
Server: fixed a crash in 'Gunman Chronicles' at the map end1.bsp
Engine: show more info with 'mapstats' command
Network: fixed a bug with DT_TIMEWINDOW_8
Server: fixed a bug with triggers with 'liquid' textures
Server: fixed some bugs in PVS calculation on server
GameUI: enabled auto-refreshing of current multiplayer maps' list
GameUI: updated 3D playermodel preview for 16:9 screen aspect

Xash3D Engine, build 2636 (stable) changelog:

Engine: added internal loader for deluxemap data (*.dlit files producing by VHLT)
Engine: msurfmesh_t was reorganized to complex vertex data instead of single arrays (VBO-ready)
Engine: decal_t now contain msurfmesh_t with all vertices and texcoords
Render: RenderAPI interface updated to version 35
Render: get support for float textures format (GL_ARB_texture_float is required)
Render: implementation of image program preprocessor, like in Doom 3, syntax: AddNormals( texture1.tga, texture2.tga );
Render: implemented an access to an internal tesselator through RenderAPI
Server: a little update for PhysicInterface: added a support for custom decal save/restore
Client: separate levelshots for wide-screen and normal screen modes
Client: restored a parametric rocket implementation (it was broken somehow two builds ago)
Client: fixed a potential crash with calling of function IsSpectateOnly
Client: pressing the ESC button while playing a video now causes a jump to a next video in a list (instead of complete playback stopping)
Client: fixed a bug with a completion of demos' playback (Connection Problem)
Client: a compensating of screenshots' gamma is toggleable now (cvar "gl_compensate_gamma_screenshots")
Render: optimized a decal code, removed some unused functions
Render: now all the lightmaps are storing into 1024x1024 texture
Render: added cvar "gl_detailscale" for customizing of *_detail.txt automatic generation
Render: fixed some errors with studiomodels lighting
Sound: increased a maximum count of words in sentence up to 64 (from 29)
Engine: fixed a broken recursion in Cmd_CheckMapLis_R (potentially could cause a crash)
Client: passed keyup event through HUD_KeyEvent callback
Network: changed delta params for skycolor_* variables (in some cases color value can be recieved incorrectly)
Network: fixed TIMEWINDOW_BIG mode
Engine: added engine build number into console log

Xash3D Engine, build 2463 (intermediate testing build) changelog:

Engine: reorganized data in texture_t. Released one variable for mod-makers
Engine: changed decal_t structure to get a compatibility with GoldSrc
Engine: expanded mextrasurf_t reserved fields up to 32
Engine: updated player_info_t (added customization_t like in HL SDK 2.3)
Engine: increased local_state_t->weapondata up to 64 slots
Engine: updated IVoiceTweak interface
Engine: new lightstyle system with local time and custom interpolation
Engine: fixed a bug with lightstyle save/restore (previously only first 64 symbols of a pattern can be saved)
Engine: updated r_efx_api_t interface
Engine: updated engine_studio_api_t, removed incompatible function StudioGetTexture, added three new (just as existing ones in CS:CZ)
Engine: added ref_overview to support custom overview implementation
Engine: render interface now marked as a version 30 (due to many changes applied)
Engine: updated triangleapi_t interface
Engine: updated cl_dll interface (also added support for single export that called 'F')
Engine: a little update to enginefuncs_t (server interface)
Client: fixed a crash on shutdown if custom renderer uses AVI-files
Engine: applied a scale for decals on brushmodels or world geometry
Engine: updated model_state_t that keeps info about studiomodels for studio decals, including a body and a skin
Engine: got support for custom studiocache on static and tempents
Engine: write R_Srpite_WallPuff from pEfxAPI
Client: fixed a bug with beam sorting (solid beams were drawed in translucent pass)
Render: added a special flag for decals that indicates a local space (any decal after first shoot)
Render: applied emboss filter on studiomodel textures
Render: was rewritten a client event system for studiomodels to get more predictable results
Network: storing existing decals and static entities into new demo
Network: protocol was revised to version 48
ImageLib: fixed an old bug with saving of non-aligned 8-bit bmp-files
Server: fixed a bug with reloading of hl.dll at every change of a map
Server: a client part of save-file was revised. New version is 0.68

XashXT, version 0.65, revision 1 (final) changelog:

Render: fixed a bug with a missed underwater fog
Other: a bit updated XashXT Demo map (fixed some errors in English text)
Other: few minor bugfixes

XashXT, version 0.65 (stable) changelog:

Client: all exports are merged into a single export that called 'F'
Client: RenderAPI was updated to version 35
Client: background track is rewritten. Now it's using internal engine player instead of fmod.dll
Client: added MusicFade like in Paranoia modification
Render: added overbrights from XashXT: Custom Build 0.7 (thx to SovietCoder)
Render: added a fog code from XashXT: Custom Build 0.7 (thx to SovietCoder)
Render: fixed a beam code (solid beams were drawn in translucent pass)
Render: added grass code (a bit modified) from XashXT: Custom Build 0.7 (thx to SovietCoder)
Render: got support for a new system of lightstyle local times (a way to save too long light sequences)
Render: fixed a bug with disappearing of dynamic shadows
Render: fixed frustum bug with far plane
Render: fixed some bugs of func_monitor
Render: fixed some bugs in Aurora code
Render: restored mode kRenderWorldGlow for sprites
Render: finalized studio cache code
Render: studiomodels event code was rewritten (to get more predictable results)
Render: optimized rain and snow code, limits are increased
Server: env_spark now supports prefixes +\-
Server: momentary_rot_button immediately stops on prefix >
Server: func_rotating toggles directon on prefix > (only when stopped)
Server: func_rotating ignores direction toggles from momentary entities
Server: entities which are attached to a player use his yaw angle now
Server: momentary_door immediately stops on prefix >
Server: fixed some bugs in env_laser code
Server: got to work an air shake for env_shake
Server: created cvar sv_allow_PhysX for user control
Server: func_pushable can be walk on stairs now (testing option)
Server: func_tracktrain can reverse direction on prefix > (only when stopped)
Server: added "parent" field for multi_manager and multi_watcher (useful in some cases)
Server: now all the triggers supports prefixes +\-
Server: angle-based trigger now gets an angle transform from parent
Server: rewritten the ichthyosaur's code (Stupid Quake Bug fix)

P. S. If you a new with Xash3D, please, check this manual about proper installing of the engine. XashXT should be installed in a same folder with the engine, as addon/mod for it (with its' own executable - xash.exe).

P. P. S. Also some new maps and mods were additionally tested for compatibility with Xash3D, so both The list of tested Half-Life modsрусская версия) and The list of tested Half-Life maps have been updated too.

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