Xash3D is a custom Gold Source build from a scratch. Xash3D overcomes obsolete Gold Source engine's limits and provides for you a new quality of gaming experience and modmaking capabilities, for example: higher limits for bsp-models, studiomodels scaling, realistic values of lighting on server side, entity patch technology support, support of additional map types, support of precaching "on the fly", support for using real HD-textures (up to 4096 x 4096 px) for maps, models, sprites and decals in any played mod and many other features...

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Hi, folks, a next build of Xash3D Engine (2402) and new version of Xash Mod (XashXT v0.63) are avaliable for download. As usual, there are some new features and some fixes of previous faults.

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Hi, folks, a next build of Xash3D Engine (2402) is avaliable for download. As usual, there are some new features and some fixes of previous faults.

CHANGE LOG (since build 2223):

build 2402

Engine: added a new feature flag to compensate Stupid Quake Bug.
Client: updated rendering interface, added useful function GL_TextureTarget.
Render: added support for GL_RECTANGLE textures.
Client: fixed playerangles in event receive (Paranoia bug with decals).
Render: fixed mipmap generation for normal maps (TF_NORMALMAP).
Render: added two built-in textures - *blankbump and *whiteCube (the names are self-explanatory).
Engine: made better check for Half-Life Alpha maps (BSP version 29 with coloured lighting).

build 2271

Client: fixed TE_GLOWSPRITE message. The gaussgun in Xash Mod works properly now.
Client: restored studio check for missed models and ignoring them instead of call the Sys_Error.
Server: fixed crash in Gunman Chronicles (scorcher's alternative attack issue).

UPDATE from Sep 10th:

New version of Xash Mod (XashXT v0.63) is also released now. It contains some important fixes of previously found bugs.

1. Used an alternative effective method to fix Stupid Quake Bug. Now it should be really fixed for the most cases (but some additional testing is still needed there to make sure that all is correct now).
2. Fixed problem with non-transparent decals over transparent model surfaces (on disappearing dead bodies, for example). Now decals use a check for transparency from pev->renderamt.
3. Fixed bug of incorrect flashlight lighting on additive surfaces (fix by SovietCoder).
4. Fixed bug of bloom effect (fix by SovietCoder).
5. Fixed blinking of portals and monitors right after any map's loading.
6. Fixed blinking of non-solid env_statics on a screen of portals and monitors.
7. Fixed bug with func_pushables - you can pull them now as intended.
8. Orthogonal renderer for dev_overview is completed now and can be used if it's needed.
9. Fixed bug with decals on additive brushes.
10. D-lights are replaced with point lights (to be not depended from texture scale).
11. Overall code clean-up to rid of unused and "dead" parts.
12. Env_spritetrain's code is revised to make it work as intended.
13. Fixed one little func_tank's bug (Spirit's bad legacy).

This release of XashXT v0.63 still can be not final (because of potential need to fix some issues with Stupid Quake Bug), but it's stable and ready for use.

P. S. If you a new with Xash3D, please, check this manual about proper installing.

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