Volatile engine is still under development, but we’re ready to shed some light on the current progress. Although the engine itself was written from scratch, it intentionally implements many design principles we refer to as “Quake ideology”. We’re pretty sure old-school Quake/Half-Life programmers and level designers will notice that almost everything looks familiar. We do our best to incorporate the best principles from the best engines, so you’ll find some features you’ve already learnt from Source or Unreal. The engine will be cross-platform (Windows, Linux/SteamOS, Android), high-perfomance, flexible for game developers, and Steam-friendly. And certainly it is highly integrated with J.A.C.K. editor.

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Perilous Warp Logo

Perilous Warp is an upcoming fast-paced indie 3D-shooter with a pretty simple but still intriguing storyline. Get ready to meet the new perilous world of a mysterious desolated extraterrestrial Colony. But is the Colony abandoned indeed?

About Perilous Warp

There are only five old-school action fans developing the game, so that it is not going to be very long. We are focusing on the design and atmosphere, along with creating the unique universe. In case of warm reception, we have further plans to expand the game by adding multiplayer (the engine already supports that, including cross-platform multiplayer), botmatch, and perhaps a small single-player addon. The game is highly moddable, and we also plan to release a free SDK, including the plugin for our another product, J.A.C.K. level editor. We hope that Perilous Warp will become a decent example of old-style 3D-action with modern graphics and physics, running on wide variety of hardware and most popular operating systems.

Game Features

  • Optional Storyline: either learn everything about the tragic events that took place at the base, or skip the boring stuff and plunge into the action.
  • Classic Combat System: find new deadly weapons at the base, from a classic shotgun to an advanced railgun, as well as a way to upgrade each gun.
  • Diverse Bestiary: your enemies will run, swim, pounce or dig out; they will be anything but a piece of cake.
  • Explore the World: look for stashes and secret places, visit optional offshoots, and get Steam achievements.
  • Scalable Graphics: our game engine implements many modern graphics technologies, but at the same time it can support weak systems.
  • Save Anywhere: in Perilous Warp you can save your progress wherever you like, and as often as you like; there are also autosaves.
  • Accept the Challenge: for certain gamers, the game can be real hardcore - no health regeneration, no navigation arrows, no bullshit!


Perilous Warp will be available Fall 2020 on Steam. If you like the game, please visit our store page and add Perilous Warp to your wishlist, so you won't miss news and updates! Soon, there will also be a free Demo - the first level of the game. As for the platforms, we like variety! So, the game will support all popular desktop platforms: Windows, Linux, and macOS.


Perilous Warp Screenshot Perilous Warp Screenshot

Perilous Warp Screenshot Perilous Warp Screenshot

Sources of Inspiration

We do love classic old-school 3D-shooters. The development of Perilous Warp was inspired by such masterpieces as Quake, Unreal, Doom III, and certainly the brilliant game Chasm: The Rift. Old school players will discover numerous references, but even if you are not in your thirties yet - rest assured that you won't be bored!

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Perilous Warp

Perilous Warp

First Person Shooter

Perilous Warp is a fast-paced indie shooter inspired by the classic 3D-actions. Communication with a distant space colony has been lost, and you bravely...

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