All-in-One Game Engine and Toolset for XNA/.NET

Major Tools & Features

  • Scene/Mission Editor
  • Terrain Editor
  • Entity/Model Editor (Animations, LODs, Prefabs, Bone Attachments/Mount Points)
  • Material Editor
  • (Shader Generation)
  • Modding Toolset (Real-time Mission/Scenario Editing for End-Users)
  • After Action Review
  • Character & Vehicle Physics (Rag Dolls, Attachments, Editor)
  • Asset Management(Database Editor, Versioning, Auto Importing)
  • Collada & FBX* Live Importing (also .obj, .x, .3ds, .mesh, .scene, AutoCAD* .dxf)
  • Smart Objects & Entity/Actor Editing
  • Area States & Triggers
  • Behavior Tree Editor
  • Python & Built-in Script Editor (also C#, VB, JavaScript, C++)
  • Visual Scripting Diagrams
  • Decal Editor*
  • UI Editor*
  • Conversation Editor (Character Dialog, Voice Acting, Facial Animation)
  • Visual3D Outsourcing Services
  • Cinematics Editor
  • Path & Road Editors
  • Realistic Water & Ocean
  • Massive Seamless Planet Terrain
  • Debugging & Edit-and-Continue with Visual Studio
  • GIS/GeoData Importing
  • Source Code (Available for Engine & Toolset)
  • One-Click* Web & PC Deployment
  • Xbox 360 Deployment (for v1.5*)
  • Particle FX Editor
  • AI & Pathfinding Systems

* Indicates a feature which is currently under development or testing, with completion expected by v1.0 unless otherwise indicated.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful Development C#/.NET API with XNA : Our rich C#/.NET interface and engine architecture liberates programmers to create configurable game logic components, which are easily inserted into the Toolset's Asset library for easy use by artists, level developers, and subject matter experts (SMEs). Our toolset integrations with Microsoft's Visual Studio 2008 further accelerate your development cycle.

  • Visual Development Environment : Visual3D.NET provides a suite of easy-to-use visual tools for rapid game, 3D world and scenario development. Let our toolset optimize your workflow, with our built-in design modes and editors. Make edits and author new content in real-time without annoying restarts (aka Edit-and-Continue). Tutorials are available to help jump start your development efforts using both toolset and/or C#.

  • World Class Terrain Support: Visual3D.NET provides the ability to build full globe real world terrain environments with a GoogleEarthâ„¢ style interface, but with an AAA quality game engine and development toolset to support creation of interactive content. Process real satellite GIS imagery and DTED directly with our EarthBuilder toolset, for professional-grade terrain visualizations required for realistic simulations in real world locations.
  • High Performance Game Engine: Visual3D.NET out-performs the competition on both high-end and low-end PCs, with AAA graphics, and advanced networking, 3D sound, physics, C# API, and scripting. Visual3D.NET provides industrial power at an affordable price.
  • Convenient Model and Material Editors: Enjoy the productivity gains provided by our model and material editors built into the toolset. Fix, modify, tweak, or optimize your models and materials in real-time while the game is running. No restarts required. Far fewer hassles of work flows that require you to request these types of changes from the original model creators. Visual3D.NET puts this power right into the game creators hands. Direct support for FX shaders is built-in, so that you can employ graphical effects created by external development utilities, such as FX Composer.
  • Support for Multi-player Games and Simulations: Support for development of robust multi-user games and simulations using Visual3D.NET's built-in configurable networking subsystem, or with your own custom networking logic that can plug right into the game engine via a simple C#/.NET interface. Create your own synchronization object and custom commands with intuitive settings that controls how these commands and messages are treated by the clients and server.
  • Realistic 3D Simulations Engine: Implement custom simulation logic in C#/.NET on top of the Visual3D.NET API, or hook it up to existing simulations via our HLA wrapper interface. Visual3D.NET is currently being employed by the U.S. Department of Defense to create the front-end immersive environment for soldiers in training.
  • Professional Support and Services: Realmware provides first-class professional support and services from the staff and authors of Visual3D.NET. Let us help you to develop your custom 3D application atop our C#-based AAA engine and toolset.
  • Documentation and Tutorials: Realmware is committed to providing game developers with tutorials and documentation that both originate from our company, as well as from our well-supported community. Both video and wiki based tutorials are available demonstrating how to get started with our toolset, engine, and C# /.NET API.

Status and progress

Visual3D Game Engine is currently publicly available for free during the beta phase for evaluation and testing purposes.

Download a free trial and find out more at:

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Thank you all for watching SOI here is a overview of our progress so far.

As you might have seen on some screenshots the worlds is being completely redone, the world that earlier was 4x4 Km is now being resized and reworked to 20x20 Km, this offers the players even more freedom and possibilities.

World overview World overview

Note: The world overview images are taken about 1-1,5 km's above ground.

Building how will it work? I understand that many have questions surrounding this topic, it will work as such as, the players choose the building they would like to build through an interface, when the building is chosen and the player has got enough resources (wood, stone, iron and so on) he may place the building freely in his view, he may rotate and move a holographic image of the building chosen around and when placed, the fun part starts, building, depending on the building size and building skill of the player, it may take seconds or hours.

As for new content an approximate amount of 150-200 mb's of models have been added the last few days to SOI, this was completed after 14 hours of work by 2 persons working nonstop.

New ingame models. New ingame models. New ingame models.

And one last thing, welcome our new team member Sami Tahrraoui, a talented 3D artist who is also working on the MERP mod for Oblivion.

That is all from us for now.

Visual3D Game Engine v0.9.6.4 Released!

Visual3D Game Engine v0.9.6.4 Released!


Hello game developers, For long here has been no update, so I thought I would post one. Visual3D Game Engine v0.9.6.4 has been released a while back and...

Orchestral music for Star Wars: The New Era
Half-Life 2

Orchestral music for Star Wars: The New Era

Star Wars: The New Era 23 comments

"The eye sees better when the sound is great" - Steven Spielberg knew exactly of the impact of music when he made this remark. We at Invision Games share...



PUYA 3d 2 comments

Fans can Download a PUYA 3d Wallpaper to player with on the Sandbox. The Wallpaper can be add to player vehicles and avatars min game.

Getting started with Visual3D Game Engine

Getting started with Visual3D Game Engine

Installers Tutorial

This short video shows how to download, install and activate game engine.

Add game Games
Pocket Warz

Pocket Warz


Bring the battle in your pocket. Pocket Warz is an amazing 3D tap action shooter game where you are Anthy, an ant warrior who is defending the world from...



Third Person Shooter

PUYA 3d Power Up Your Arsenal is a 3ps Action Hand to Hand Arcade Style Combat Multiplayer Game Style. The Game Features a Different Game Style That is...




Abzorb is a 2.5 D puzzle/platformer where the player is alone in a lost world contained within a zorb ball, which can absorb physical elements from the...

Andromeda: The Darkest Night

Andromeda: The Darkest Night

First Person Shooter

"The long night has come. The Systems Commonwealth, the greatest civilization in history, has fallen. Now, one ship, one crew have vowed to drive back...

ExzcellionGamma - - 111 comments

Hmmm... I can track this. This will be interesting if this will grow more.

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josh_sg1 - - 10 comments


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timstro59 - - 1,584 comments

it would be better if it wasn't so expensive.

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M3ales - - 272 comments

I'm Looking For An Engine For A MMORPG I'm Making And This Looked Promising. First, Is This Engine Easy Enough To Use With Little Experience Or Does It Need People Who Know What They're Doing? If So, Are There People With The Skills Who Could Help?

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Guest - - 699,655 comments

You are going to have a hard time programming. You capitalized all those words.

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Visual3D-Game-Engine Creator
Visual3D-Game-Engine - - 4 comments

Isles of War Online, a fantasy vs. sci-fi multiplayer FPS powered by the Visual3D Game Engine, and which is supported by many members of the Visual3D Game Engine development team.

Isles of War Online has now become open-source, and its development team is now recruiting level designers, scripters, and artists interested in collaborating on this open-source multiplayer game.

Find out more at:

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Visual3D-Game-Engine Creator
Visual3D-Game-Engine - - 4 comments

Visual3D Game Engine is an engine written entirely in C# and built on Microsoft XNA, with an All-in-One Development Toolset, inexpensive licenses for unlimited royalty-free titles.

The Visual3D Game Engine has been used in development of an upcoming AAA game sequel, as well as for many serious games or Online Virtual Worlds (including modern warfare RTS and adventure games/simulations, and a Google Earth-like geovisualizations), and multiplayer FPS games (previously released Robot Wars Online, and now Bunker Wars, with physics-based gameplay), Online Virtual Worlds.

The source code is available for both the engine and toolset, and there are options for distributing the toolset for real-time world/scenario/mission editing and as a modding toolset. Also, its strengths include its being designed for massive planet-scale seamless terrains/virtual worlds, and its built-in physics engine.

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Alic3x - - 80 comments

Looks Awesome

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timstro59 - - 1,584 comments

interesting, *tracking*

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Robots! - - 1,749 comments


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