VCMI is an open-source engine for Heroes of Might and Magic III with new possibilities. Years of intensive work resulted in creating application with impressive amount of features. Among current features are:

  • Complete gameplay mechanics
  • Almost all objects, abilities, spells and other content
  • Basic battle AI and adventure AI
  • Many GUI improvements: high resolutions, stack queue, creature window
  • Advanced and easy mod support - add new towns, creatures, heroes, artifacts and spells without limits or conflicts
  • Launcher for easy configuration - download mods from our server and install them immediatelly!
  • Random map generator that supports objects added by mods

Note: In order to play the game using VCMI engine you need to own data files for Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Shadow of Death.

VCMI is an open-source project released under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.

If you want help, please check our forums, bug tracker or github page.

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You can check official announcement on project website


We recommend you first make a copy of clean Heroes Complete / Shadow of Death folder. Extract VCMI zip package there. WoG is not needed. All recommended mods and files can be downloaded via Launcher included in the package. Moredetailed instructons available on project wiki.

Screenshots with new terrains and map editor:

Wasteland TerrainNew map editor


1.0.0 -> 1.1.0

* iOS is supported
* Mods and their versions and serialized into save files. Game checks mod compatibility before loading
* Logs are stored in system default logs directory
* LUA/ERM libs are not compiled by default
* FFMpeg dependency is optional now
* Conan package manager is supported for MacOS and iOS

* Map is passed over network, so different platforms are compatible with each other
* Server self-killing is more robust
* Unlock in-game console while opponent's turn
* Host can control game session by using console commands
* Control over player is transferred to AI if client escaped the game
* Reconnection mode for crashed client processes
* Playing online is available using proxy server

* Fix for digging while opponent's turn
* Supported right click for quick recruit window
* Fixed problem with quests are requiring identical artefacts
* Bulk move and swap artifacts
* Pause & resume for towns and terrains music themes
* Feature to assemble/disassemble artefacts in backpack
* Clickable status bar to send messages
* Heroes no longer have chance to receive forbidden skill on leveling up
* Fixed visibility of newly recruited heroes near town 
* Fixed missing artifact slot in Artifact Merchant window

* Fix healing/regeneration behaviour and effect
* Fix crashes related to auto battle
* Implemented ray projectiles for shooters
* Introduced default tower shooter icons
* Towers destroyed during battle will no longer be listed as casualties

* BattleAI: Target prioritizing is now based on damage difference instead of health difference
* Nullkiller AI can retreat and surrender
* Nullkiller AI doesn't visit allied dwellings anymore
* Fixed a few freezes in Nullkiller AI

* Speedup generation of random maps
* Necromancy cannot be learned in Witch Hut on random maps

* Supported rewardable objects customization
* Battleground obstacles are extendable now with VLC mechanism
* Introduced "compatibility" section into mods settings
* Fixed bonus system for custom advmap spells
* Supported customisable town entrance placement
* Fixed validation of mods with new adventure map objects

* Fixed problem with duplicated mods in the list
* Launcher shows compatible mods only
* Uninstall button was moved to the left of layout
* Unsupported resolutions are not shown
* Lobby for online gameplay is implemented

* Basic version of Qt-based map editor
 VCMI 1.0.0 for HoMM III released

VCMI 1.0.0 for HoMM III released


Several years have passed since VCMI 0.99 and it’s about time for a new release. Tons of changes, improvements, and fixes have been introduced during...

VCMI 0.99 for HoMM III released

VCMI 0.99 for HoMM III released

News 2 comments

We're back with new major 0.99 release! A lot of work has been done to ensure game stability. A number of "impossible" crash bugs were tracked down and...

CATMAN.Northman do I add mods? This is not a game...

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Will there be any more updates to the Android port of VCMI? The version currently present on Google Play is 0.97.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
_SXX_ Creator

Btw we're for sure released new version on Google Play and you can always get lastest APK from project website or Github releases.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Please make VCMI compatible with Windows XP (in v0.99 VCMI_launcher.exe shows the message that it's not a Win32 application).

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Hmm, I tried latest daily build and it doesn't have this problem. It's probably a compiling issue of initial v0.99.

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_SXX_ Creator

Unfortunately our numbered releases built with Visual Studio and there is some problem with XP compatibility when building Qt application. Daily builds for Windows are created via cross-compilation from Linux using MXE (MinGW / GCC) so they don't have same problem.

We keep save compatibility very carefully for almost two years so you can safely play daily builds without worrying about that. Most likely saves will be compatible for long time until there appear some very serious reason to break them.

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