The Open source engine reimplementation of the game Morrowind.

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Version 0.31 of the open source engine reimplementation for Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls III, has been released.

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It's been way too long since our last update. OpenMW is alive and has had another release (two actually). We're getting closer all the time to version 1.0. A user on our forums has been experimenting with porting OpenMW over to android. This is not an official part of the project goals, but it's impressive work. He's got the game running with very low framerates. He's working on touch based controls currently. Don't expect the game to playable any time soon. Here's our release video (running on a pc of course.)

In the future it could be quite interesting to run OpenMW on Android tv, fire tv, nvidia shield, etc. Stop by the OpenMW forum to find out more or to get involved. You'll find videos and full change logs for the last two releases below.

    Version 0.31

    Known Issues:

    Switching from fullscreen to windowed mode on Windows 7 or 8.1 while using the D3D9 renderer causes a crash

    Implemented periodic cleanup/refill
    Implemented precipitation and weather particles
    Implemented dialogue merging
    Implemented saving missing creature state
    Implemented saving fog of war state
    Implemented NPCs and creatures fighting each other
    Implemented murder crime
    Implemented Sneak skill enhancements
    Implemented item restock handling
    Implemented save game levelled creature handling
    Implemented modFactionReaction script instruction
    Implemented animated main menu support
    Implemented saving walk/run toggle state
    Implemented save game naming changes
    Implemented a delete button on the load game menu
    Implemented using journal while in dialog
    Implemented battle music while in combat
    Implemented follower fast travel
    Implemented disposition and distance based aggression
    Fixed clouds and weather to better match vanilla Morrowind
    Fixed local map not showing objects that span multiple cells
    Fixed CenterOnCell behavior to better match vanilla Morrowind
    Fixed local and world map display issues
    Fixed water being luminescent at night
    Fixed launcher not supporting non-latin paths on Windows
    Fixed background tracks repeating
    Fixed door animation behavior when leaving a cell
    Fixed disabled stronghold statics showing on the world map
    Fixed excessive vram usage after extended play
    Fixed dead body collision behavior
    Fixed several character creation issues
    Fixed various issues with jumping
    Fixed delay on reflection effects
    Fixed being able to interact with the world during Wait/Rest dialog
    Fixed being able to drop items inside walls and ceilings
    Fixed corpses changing orientation when re-entering a cell
    Fixed several footstep sound issues
    Fixed several dialog link issues
    Fixed broken dialog topics in Russian version
    Fixed summoned creature duration issue
    Fixed crimes against hostile NPCs issue
    Fixed creature run speed formula
    Fixed weakness to fire not working with fire damage in the same spell
    Fixed NPCs killing each other while attacking the player
    Fixed Bittercup script not working on ‘Take' option
    Fixed case sensitivity for .bsa files
    Fixed crash when loading a save after being killed
    Fixed jumping not being disabled when showing message boxes
    Fixed binding keys to uncommon characters
    Fixed container selection changing based on mouse pointer position
    Fixed a load/save issue with dynamic records
    Fixed double paste into console
    Fixed crash with D3D9 shaders
    Fixed incorrect slope climb allowing the player to skip chargen
    Fixed slaughterfish detecting player when player is out of the water
    Fixed error when loading Animated Morrowind
    Fixed NPC footsteps persisting after killing a moving NPC
    Fixed previously equipped items not shown as unequipped after attemping to sell them
    Fixed actors ignoring vertical axis when deciding to attack
    Fixed blank toggle option for shadows in options menu
    Fixed Ashlands being visible during new game loading process
    Fixed guards prompting with punishment options after player resists arrest with another guard
    Fixed a gate activation in TR
    Fixed dependent files not getting disabled in launcher when parent is disabled
    Fixed several code fragments
    Fixed incorrect voice type playing on sleep interrupt
    Fixed save games not showing in menu in certain cases
    Fixed lights without a model not working
    Fixed Animation Compilation mod not working properly
    Fixed third party SL_Pick01.nif not working
    Fixed being unable to exit dialog after stealing in front of Sellus Gravius
    Fixed installs to /usr/local not working
    Fixed failure to load save if one of the content files is disabled
    Fixed crash on loading Siege at Firemoth
    Fixed Arkngthand door not opening
    Fixed Segfault when modifying view distance in options
    Fixed apostrophe and dash characters not displaying in French version
    Fixed display issue with icon background for magic items
    Fixed display issue with coin icon on level up dialog
    Fixed Alt+F4 not working in Windows
    Fixed changing ring behavior
    Fixed robes hiding pauldrons
    Fixed button orientation on some shrine dialogs
    Fixed items floating in the air when dropped onto corpses
    Fixed forearms not rendering on Argonian females
    Fixed alchemy allowing making potions from two of the same item
    Fixed Max Sale button behavior
    Fixed rest until healed for characters with stunted magicka
    Fixed empty travel window displaying during new game sequence
    Fixed save game permission issue
    Fixed crash when loading The Underground 2 mod
    Fixed ignoring additional splash screens
    Fixed perpetual save load issue
    Fixed error with Skyrim: Home of the Nords
    Fixed many script instruction behaviors
    Fixed read skill books not being saved in save game
    Fixed unusable items being able to get bound to hotkeys
    Fixed text variables in journal topic list
    Fixed repeating swings on friendly NPC counting as additional crimes
    Fixed lack of punishment for stealing priceless items
    Fixed door marker at Jobasha's Rare Books spawning PC in the air
    Fixed topic selection menu to be wider
    Fixed items dropped on rug being inaccessible
    Fixed crime for dropping and taking looted items
    Fixed location of dropped arrows and bolts
    Fixed security trainers offering acrobatics instead
    Fixed punishment dialog displaying instead of load when killed by a guard
    Fixed script error in SkipTutorial
    Fixed bad lighting when using morrowind.ini generated by MGE
    Fixed mobile Heart of Lorkan
    Fixed keybindings not saving
    Fixed apathetic Dura Gra-Bol
    Fixed Morrowind Patch preventing interior cell load
    Fixed item value on tooltip
    Fixed death count not storing in savegame
    Fixed submerged portion of weapon not rendering when partially submerged
    Fixed enemies attacking while dying
    Fixed ESM error with INFO
    Fixed projectiles shot at player ending up in inventory
    Fixed monsters respawning on top of each other
    Fixed dialog box opening on follower NPC when NPC is dead or game is paused
    Fixed floating paralyzed cliffracers
    Fixed message boxes not clearing when loading a different save game
    Fixed underwater sound sometimes playing when transitioning from an interior
    Fixed spell projectiles not colliding with water surface
    Fixed console error message when information is refused by an NPC
    Fixed being unable to remove arrow during Bloodmoon: The Ritual of Beasts quest
    Fixed being unable to talk to Carnius Magius in Bloodmoon
    Fixed crash when attempting to play a non-music file
    Fixed world map not being centered on player in certain cases
    Fixed arrow behavior in wait/rest dialog
    Fixed kills not filling werewolf hunger
    Fixed detect life behavior while a werewolf
    Fixed crash during The Shrine of the Dead mission in Tribunal
    Fixed selected text background color in the console
    Fixed handling extra arguments given to script instructions
    Fixed NPCs taunting after they are dead in An Assassionation Attempt quest
    Fixed game halt when attacked by Centurion Archers
    Fixed quest journal when completing The Missing Hand quest
    Fixed several issues with the Dome of Serlyn
    Fixed bounty being calculated from actual item value instead of highest value
    Fixed terrain turning invisible on top of Red Mountain
    Fixed steam appearance in Cave of the Hidden Music quest
    Fixed display issues when picking up a stack of items, holding enter, and moving the mouse
    Fixed Draugr and Riekling attacks
    Fixed Bonewolf animation
    Fixed particle effects being paralyzed when the player is paralyzed
    Fixed Crimson Plague quest not updating when Gedna Relvel is killed
    Fixed failed save game when saving in Old Mournhold: Forgotten Sewer
    Fixed segfault when making Drain/Fortify Skill spells
    Fixed case where game wouldn't switch to fullscreen
    Fixed Morrowind Rebirth duplicate objects/vanilla objects not being removed
    Fixed case where paralysis and switching view modes would prevent death notification
    Fixed an alt+tab segfault
    Various code maintenace and cleanup
    OpenCS: Implemented object rendering in cells
    OpenCS: Implemented configuration setup
    OpenCS: Implemented threaded loading
    OpenCS: Implemented cell record saving
    OpenCS: Implemented body part table
    OpenCS: Implemented enchantment effect table
    OpenCS: Implemented deleting referenceables
    OpenCS: Fixed Combat/Magic/Stealth values for creatures are not displayed
    OpenCS: Fixed segfault after ‘new' or ‘load'
    OpenCS: Fixed deleting Record Filter line not reseting the filter
    OpenCS: Fixed crash when drag and dropping text
    OpenCS: Fixed bogus filter being created when dragging multiple records to the filter bar of a non-applicable table


So you are making morrowind on another engine but almost identical ?

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Nope. Bethesda Release the SourceCode for Morrowind and those guys here are porting it into a new enviroment. Read the description above.

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Bethesda did not release the source code for Morrowind. Everything is from scratch, reverse engineered from the original game.

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Like they did with Star Wars Galaxies?

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Kinda, The SWGEmu team recreated the server back end and already had a client that didn't need much modifying, VS the Open MW team where they had to recreate the entire games mechanics, and rendering from scratch.

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They are not doing everything from scratch the engine they are using is the Ogre engine they are just modifying it so it can read morrowind original assets.

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OpenMW Author

We are making a new game engine for playing Morrowind. We are not remaking the art assets.

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Sorry if it's been asked before, but will you be recreating exact same game mechanics, for example world physics for items and so on (havoc-like)?

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Fantastic work guys :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes

awesomesauce. every update brings new things :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Still want Morrowind Rebirth on OpenMW...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Any reason why this is under Android as well, almost giving me a heart attack expecting the OpenMW team was handling a port? like is it an official goal now

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hey well if I'd have read the new release

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

I'm liking this!

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What a **** engine... rather play Skyblivion.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-5 votes

then do, and leave. idiot.

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