Mirage Legacy Engine


Mirage Legacy is an open source, Visual Basic 6 based game engine made for creating Online Roleplaying games (ORPGs) with rich interaction systems and everything you might need to create a great 2D experience. And if you're ever not satisfied or want more out of the engine, simply open up the code and edit it however you like, with open-source code that is free now and forever.

Rich Event System
-Create an interactive world using a built-in and fully featured Event system, capable of creating details dialogue and conversation, complex game mechanics and puzzles that match any game out there.

Quests, for anything and everything
-Utilize the Quest system in the engine to create any situation possible, from mysteries to dungeon raids.

Frantic and in-depth combat system
-With a complex spell editor, simple to understand weapons system and frantic projectile combat enhancement, the battles of the modern day RPG come to life on Legacy.

Guilds, parties, all the social goodies
-Your players can connect in familiar but useful ways using the guild system, integrated parties, and an E-Mail system, alongside the array of chat channels available to players.

Download and Support

Official downloads are provided here and on Voltisoft.com/miragelegacy

Get Community support on the Voltisoft forums.

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ML and Long term support.
It's been a long time since we saw release 1.2a dawn upon the world and the followers of Mirage Legacy and Voltisoft has since that day moved on to no longer provide support for the engine and leaving it to be picked up by those who needed it most. Today we announce a new set of plans to reboot the engine in a way that supports the community.

Essentially Voltisoft is aiming to host official releases developed by the team (Myself being the main developer of it) and support community maintained releases. We're setting up adequate sites on our own websites and informing the followers of ML around the web about these plans.

What does this mean for the future? It means Voltisoft is no longer dedicating it's limited development team to updating Mirage Legacy, but we are going to provide an environment for those who want to start their development on ML to feel comfortable and even inspired. This means a lot for IndieDB, because we'll be beginning to post articles related to official announcements and which community users to follow for an even better Legacy experience.

Development has slowed, but the willpower of the people lives on! Stay tuned.

Legacy, where it comes from and where it's headed.

Legacy, where it comes from and where it's headed.


Hi! I'm Kevin! On behalf of Voltisoft let me explain Legacy in short, and it's future plans.

How to distribute games made with Legacy

How to distribute games made with Legacy

Management Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will explore how to distribute games made with Mirage Legacy and how to set up the connections.

Getting started with Legacy

Getting started with Legacy

Server Tools Tutorial

Learn how to start up the server, understand the data directories, make yourself an admin and log into your game engine for the first time with this guide...

Add game Games



Free ORPG developed by GHN Games. It is based in the mystical world of Ayreos and is watched over by 4 gods.


Hi. I appreciate its been a long time since anyone has developed this, but I found this the other day and wanted to give it a go. Can anyone link me towards any documentation for it? Command lists etc?

Cheers, and great work :)


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