Making live collaboration across the globe possible. HeroEngine is an MMO development team’s dream come true - it streamlines the entire process of building your MMO game. Artists, world builders, scripters, game designers, producers, and customer service can all collaborate live, online, in real-time. Create and update your game faster, with more time to focus on the fun rather than waiting for code to crunch. Build the game and play it at the same time to see instant results.

ratchet3789 says

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Overall if you are looking to make an MMO but don't entirely care if it looks like Guild Wars 2, I'd recommend the HeroEngine, as a user who started in 2014 I feel as though it is not worth it personally but I will go through all the steps that brought me to feel as though this engine isn't entirely worth it.

Firstly, the developers and staff of Idea Fabrik are quite helpful and take all criticism with no bias towards the users.

Second, the engine is quite dated, yes they keep it up to date but currently it is only bug fixes, they have been working on a DirectX 11 release but nothing has been officially released as of yet, which is an issue I have.

Third, the programming language HSL, is a strange language to learn and use, if you have come from an object based engine like Unity or Unreal it is quite different. This is made even worse so by the lack of and mixed documentation on the Wiki pages, in my personal experiences I have searched for a good half an hour to find Ray-casting effects to find them hidden in Physics (as is obvious) but the search did not pick up that Raycasting was sitting in there.

Also being a DirectX program it does not support multi-platform releases.

But in saying this there are a lot of positives that almost even it out.
Most of the community is decent and will assist you if you need any help, an individual even shares his code to assist others. The editor has a few good built in features

Some of the best features of Hero are the live-editing, that allows you to build a level and then test it alongside other developers on your team. There is also the entirely built in back-end, which helps a lot if you don't want to deal with server management or security.

All in all if they added DirectX 11 or just shared a few photos of the new features they have implemented and cleaned up or allowed us to clean the wiki i'd have been much happier with the engine, but OpenGL and DirectX have been discussed by ex developers in the Wiki since 2011 when it was mentioned by Herb.

The one thing you should take away from this review is that if you don't care if your game looks amazing and have the will-power to sit down and learn a new programming language and really want to make an MMO then the HeroEngine is for you.

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