New generation of the GameStudio game development suite. A8 brings enet for better network performance, Nvidia Physx for more stable physics and more physics functions, instancing and gpu accerelated bone animations for better performance and much more.

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Starting from mid 90's the Acknex engine has been a well known engine amongst the indie game creators. With the latest engine version (A8) the engine adds modern features, such as PhysX to the engine.Creating
competitve tool to the game creation market.

A8 is a good engine with, somewhat minor, flaws that can bring the user down. Ability to create beautiful content fast isn't the strenght that makes this engine. To create polished content you really need external editors for art and models. On the code side the engine suffers from work-around issues. One of the major issues is the Windows restricted publishing, this can bring your potential user count down (however, service to translate the program to different platforms is avaialable from Conitec with decent price).

The good points? Plenty. The templates with other great content createdd by conitec and users are great of resource for newcomers. The coders reference file gives you a fast search what you're looking for your project. Even the default code language, known as Lite-C, can be counted as strenght to the engine, the language is simliar to C/C++ and the commands are easy to learn. If the language doesn't seem sufficent for your needs you can allways use your favorite language with wrappers. Whereas the editor could be counted as weakness the code lets you to create fast prototypes of your game.

Acknex engine can not be full ten engine, not that any engine can really ever be. The engine suffers from problems that can bring your motivation down if you expect good results in no time. A-engine is for creating content in a game engine with no boundaries. Do you want that mesh deformation with real time physics to be enabled? No problem. How about that inventory system you need for your next Diablo killer? Few lines of struct code and you're good to go. If you wish for these things then Acknex 8 is for you. If you look for click-based game creation this maybe ain't the engine you're looking for.8 for A8.

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