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This is a bug fix update with a few minor feature additions. Most of the time was spend on polishing the existing features and getting rid of bugs.

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This is going to be a very basic changelog with a few images to showcase the improvements from 1.2.6. The hotfixes are included!

  • Level difference for experience is no longer applied to NPCs or mobs that are level 0.
  • Quest System and NPC spells still do not work, and the Quest System is currently disabled.
  • Kick and closing server now properly closes the socket and forces them to log out even if they have a PVP timer. This also saves the player data if they are logged in.
  • Animation Editor now is centered screen upon init.
  • Movement client-side now checks if getting map, to prevent you from moving upon receiving a map.
  • NPC Move AI improved, no more endless loop that crashes server and will change direction to face target after 10 attempts to move randomly, rather than endlessly trying.
  • Password is no longer saved and instead will need to be reentered each time the client is loaded.
  • Title bug fixed in Item Editor.
  • Event Editor bug fixes with chat bubble, the conditional bug may also be fixed. I never tested.
  • Fixed shop buy bug.
  • Teleport item type bug fixes in Item Editor.
  • Fixed item description bugs with shop.
  • You can now unmute a player simply by muting them again.
  • Panels are now shown by default upon logging in.
  • Improved Item Editor, NPC Editor, Map Editor, and main form GUI to be less cluttered.
  • Map Editor hides the panels now.
  • Bug fixes with Spell Critical and HP/MP being calculated correctly via stats and equipment.
  • Added a new icon for client as well as having way better display with new code to bypass 16x16 and 24 bit. You can change the icon easily, just by changing the file that is by the client.exe.
  • Experience and vitals are now properly sent upon login.
  • Mouse movement improvements where hitting an obstacle disables movement until you click again.
  • Numpad support for hotbar.
  • Use item bug fixes including requirements.
  • Durability overflow bug fix.
  • Client can no longer connect more than once and improved security of login process.
  • Recipe item type bug fixed.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements to the code.

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As always, you can get the source and any commits I make right away here! Please report bugs here from now on. I do not want to do them on Eclipse anymore. You can also post them on my site, but I prefer GitHub still over it.

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